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For the wine lovers
For the wine lovers

CordeValle might not be in Napa or Sonoma, but it is a well kept secret for romantic wine-lovers by Elyse Glickman
photographed by the author

Expanded from issue 21 of Lucire


CORDEVALLE, just south of San Jose, is an ultimate wine-lover's getaway just waiting to be discovered, especially as it encompasses the Clos LaChance Vineyard and a majestic golf course woven together by meandering hills and paths. The experience then gels together with great menus at their bar and dining room as well as exquisite, romantic guest villas that pamper guests in every conceivable way as well as treat them to breathtaking views of Clos LaChance and the golf links.

CordeValle began as a private club in 1999, but was opened out into a getaway a couple years later when parent company Rosewood Hotels & Resorts realized the resort—thanks to its location and amenities—was a perfect retreat for the food and wine lover as well as beverage and restaurant industry people wanting to recharge.

‘CordeValle represents a type of experience that isn't something you come across every day,’ says Managing Director Alan Campey. ‘We offer 1,700 acres of incredible space, beauty and tranquility. Moreover, anybody who appreciates wine and food will be interested to learn about a history (of grape growing) that goes back further than Sonoma and Napa Valley. Much of our lands were vineyards until the economics of Prohibition caused people to reallocate it for cattle ranching and other kinds of farm production. Although (viticulture) has been making a comeback in our area and some of the wines may be less nationally recognized and produced in lower quantities than other wine growing areas, our region is the fruit and vegetable basket of California. Combine the food, along with great quality wines and golf-this is what makes CordeValle truly an undiscovered gem.’

While CordeValle may not be in the middle of Napa or Sonoma, it is truly a best-kept secret that won't be for long given its ultra-plus, ultra-romantic guest cottages (some with their own hot tub patios and sun decks) in the shadow of one glorious winery. It is also the a perfect place for anybody who appreciates making new wine and food discoveries are willing to take some of those back roads, and be among the first to experience new things just on the verge of taking off.

Clos LaChance Winery is open daily for tastings. If you are interested in booking a tour of the production facility, please contact the winery at 1 408 686-1050 or 1 800 ITS-WINE.


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