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The rise of game fashion

L’essor de la mode des jeux
Facebook’s plans for the metaverse are nothing new. Riveka Thevendran looks at the history of fashion in gaming, where even big-name designers have found themselves working
Les plans de Facebook pour le métavers ne sont pas nouveaux. Riveka Thevendran se penche sur l’histoire de la mode dans les jeux, où même des créateurs de renom se sont retrouvés à travailler
First published in the March 2022 issue of Lucire KSA
Dans le numéro du mars 2022 de
Lucire KSA


Active luxury

Le luxe actif
Our lifestyle selection’s all about being on the go, from fast cars and SUVs to watches and laptops
Notre sélection de style de vie consiste à être actif, des voitures rapides et SUV aux montres et ordinateurs portables


Mixing genres

Jack Yan considers why Lucire has named the Kia EV6 its latest Car to Be Seen in winner


Tulles and tiaras

Anyone up to date on the latest season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will surely recognize Sutton Stracke—socialite, philanthropist and haute couture client. Here, Stracke chats to Reilly Sullivan about her passion for custom, in particular Italian Alta Moda, and the cities and experiences that have defined her style
Photographed by Stefanie Keenan

First published in the May 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


It’s surreal thing

Man Ray, whose work appeared in Vogue, was one of the most influential artists and photographers of his era, and his presence is still felt today, as Bhavana Bhim explains


The new generation

La nouvelle génération
Twenty twenty-two could be a year where some luxury brands break free of previous limitations, and charge optimistically into the future with new concepts
Vingt-deux pourrait être une année où certaines marques de luxe s’affranchissent des limites antérieures et se projettent, avec de nouveaux concepts, dans l’avenir avec optimisme
From the January 2022 issue of Lucire KSA
Dans le numéro du janvier 2022 de
Lucire KSA


Naughty or nice?

With Christmas just around the corner, Sopheak Seng has you covered for last-minute gift ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s dial


Order the latest issue of Lucire

From the women of James Bond and the Lamborghini Countach to US designers on both coasts and Texan-born actress Megan West, plus stunning shoots from Lindsay Adler (on the cover), Damien Carney, Lucas Passmore, Andreas Stavrinides, and Zach Sutton, this is one of our most beautiful print issues


It’s real life: conquering body image issues

Alli Spotts-De Lazzer’s MeaningFull is not only founded on a qualified therapist’s knowledge, but first-hand accounts of people who have dealt with dieting, weight and body image issues, and come out the other side having beaten them
Photographed by Drop the Label Movement


One step further

Avancez d’un pas
This month’s selection of products takes something you think you know, then advances them in unexpected fashion
Les créateurs des produits de ce mois-ci les fait progresser de manière inattendue
From the October 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


Return of the wedge

A private collector commissioned Lamborghini to re-create its 1971 Countach LP500 show car, the purest expression of the company’s dramatic wedges that underlies even its current DNA. Jack Yan looks at its design history and the cultural impact of the Countach
From issue 44 of Lucire


Print’s the next big thing

With a web-savvy generation who know about Big Tech’s issues with privacy and surveillance, print magazines are looking like a great time-out from digital screens at every moment of the day. Jack Yan looks at the trends


Getting on the electric ladder

New Zealand’s best priced electric car is MG’s ZS EV. Is it a sensible way to get into emissions-free motoring? Jack Yan finds out
Photographed by Stuart Cowley


Enriching alternatives

An electric car with over 2,000 PS; a honey replacement; and familiar names moving upmarket mark out this month’s lifestyle products of distinction


Faithful with her environmental principles

Copacabana Beachwear founder Roxanna Faithful is putting her business mindset and love for the environment into an additional venture, as she tells Elyse Glickman


A choice cut

The best beef, like the ideal suit, is only as good its makers—and Genesee Valley Ranch is grade A above the rest
Photographed by David Hyde


Year of the ox

Top-of-the-line watches complement a very exclusive Lamborghini supercar in this month’s luxury round-up


Rachel Hunter: an earth angel spreads her wings

After a multi-decade flight riding high as an international supermodel, New Zealand-born and bred Rachel Hunter came back to earth to embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal wellness and inner peace. She shares her discoveries about revitalization, reinvention and renewal with women everywhere through media, meditation, nutrition and yoga, reports Jody Miller


A creative instinct

Actress Joy Osmanski fell in love with the arts since she began ballet lessons at age three. Since then she’s become a busy working actress, with her latest role in the DC Universe series Stargirl. Jack Yan speaks with her
Photographed by Sarah Ford
First published in the October 2020 issue of
Lucire KSA


From scents to scenes

From a book of photographs from a quiet, pandemic-stricken Italy by our own travel editor, to a Bentley-branded paperweight and letter-opener, our gift selection this month is eclectic and tasteful


Small is beautiful

The Honda E is Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in for this year, the first Japanese winner of our annual accolade. Jack Yan explains why



Lucire 2020 | The global fashion magazineHack Is Back
After a successful serialization of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker, earlier this year during lockdown in many countries, we follow up with its sequel, Hack Is Back, which picks up immediately after the conclusion of the earlier story about a young technology company located in Gurgaon, and continues to follow the lives and adventures of all the cast members. This time they’re mixed up with Israeli cybercriminals, Bitcoin ransoms and malware on smartphones
Who’s who | Chapters 1–3 | 4–7 | 8–11 | 12–15 | 16–19 | 20–3 | Acknowledgements


A model life

Tiana Pongs knows the modelling world inside out, from her 15-plus years in the industry as a sought-after, full-time professional. The model and actress tells us about her new book, Keep Smiling: a Career Guide for Models
First published in the September 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


Prompting a rethink

Our latest selection shows that many companies expected the 2020s to be a new decade of rethought and reshaped products, from the grille of the new Hyundai SUV to how you store your tea






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