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The ‘Living’ section has encompassed many things over the years: celebrities, events, film, lifestyle and more. This is the section that explained just how to pronounce Moët and looked at furniture made out of paper at a time when eco wasn’t anywhere near Bono’s radar.






Sensible with spice
The Opel Corsa has been one of our most anticipated B-segment hatchbacks, in theory a cut above the likes of the Toyota Yaris. Jack Yan samples one of the first ones in the country and sees if his expectations are met
Photographed by the author


Courtney Perna: taking her chances
The Emmy-winning host is doing it for herself and the sisterhood on her daring digital talk show, Brunch with Courtney PernaJody Miller speaks with her


Best of both worlds
Not ready to go full EV? MG’s plug-in hybrid, the HS Plus EV, is a very convincing C-segment crossover that blends the best of both worlds, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


Glancing back: the 25th anniversary edition
Retour en arrière: l’édition du 25e anniversaire
Our print editions have regularly featured a page looking back into our history. For our 25th anniversary, we check out our archives from 25, 10 and 5 years ago
Un regard sur nos archives, il y a 25 (en guise de célébration), 15 et 5 ans
First published in the October 2022 issue of Lucire KSA
Dans le numéro de l’octobre 2022 de Lucire KSA


Do try it at home
Merrill J. Fernando is well known as the founder and public face of Sri Lanka’s Dilmah Tea, a Brands with a Conscience Award winner. Jack Yan spoke with him on social responsibility, family and his company’s part in the relief efforts for the Boxing Day tsunami
First published in issue 20 of Lucire


The next level
Le prochain niveau
This month’s lifestyle selection goes from the urban jungle to the moneyed community of Pebble Beach, California
La sélection de style de vie de ce mois-ci commence par la jungle urbaine et se termine à Pebble Beach, en Californie


Keeping it simple
As one of three cars on the New Zealand market under the NZ$20,000 mark, is the MG 3 worth your time? Jack Yan finds out
Photographed by the author


Enjoy a taste of Lucire KSA for July 2022
Beyond our usual distribution, you can read Lucire KSA’s July 2022 issue right here on the web this month, in English and in French


The spirit of Alsace
Lola Cristall checks out the new book from celebrated chef Gabriel Kreuther, showing his craftsmanship and culinary delights, which readers can attempt to re-create
Photographed by Paul Wagtouicz and Evan Sung


For all seasons
Jack Yan tests the Kia Sportage X-Line 2·0 Diesel AWD, a crossover that blends capability with 2020s style
Photographed by the author


Blooming with good vibes
Actress Violett Beane has some things in common with her God Friended Me character Cara Bloom, but has ambitions beyond her love of acting, she tells Jack Yan
Photographed by Jon Moe
Make-up by Jamie Dorman
Styled by Brittany Lovoi
Hair by Lino Martínez
First published in issue 40 of


Taking one moment at a time
Un pas à la fois
Megan West’s career, which began when she was six, has seen her tackle an astounding range of roles. The actress shares insights into her work, and what gives her balance, with Jack Yan
La carrière de Megan West, qui a débuté à l’âge de six ans, l’a vue s’attaquer à une gamme étonnante de rôles. L’actrice partage un aperçu de son travail et de ce qui fait son équilibre avec Jack Yan
Photographed by/photographié par Lucas Passmore

Make-up by/maquillage par Beth Follert
Styled by/stylé par Karlee Parrish

First published in issue 44 of Lucire
Dans le 44e numéro de


The rise of game fashion
L’essor de la mode des jeux
Facebook’s plans for the metaverse are nothing new. Riveka Thevendran looks at the history of fashion in gaming, where even big-name designers have found themselves working
Les plans de Facebook pour le métavers ne sont pas nouveaux. Riveka Thevendran se penche sur l’histoire de la mode dans les jeux, où même des créateurs de renom se sont retrouvés à travailler
First published in the March 2022 issue of Lucire KSA
Dans le numéro du mars 2022 de
Lucire KSA


Active luxury
Le luxe actif
Our lifestyle selection’s all about being on the go, from fast cars and SUVs to watches and laptops
Notre sélection de style de vie consiste à être actif, des voitures rapides et SUV aux montres et ordinateurs portables


Mixing genres
Jack Yan considers why Lucire has named the Kia EV6 its latest Car to Be Seen in winner


Hang on to your headdress—YellaCatt has arrived
Daniella White, a.k.a. YellaCatt, takes electronic dance music to another level—while also practising healing through the use of sound baths. She talks to Lucire


Tulles and tiaras
Anyone up to date on the latest season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will surely recognize Sutton Stracke—socialite, philanthropist and haute couture client. Here, Stracke chats to Reilly Sullivan about her passion for custom, in particular Italian Alta Moda, and the cities and experiences that have defined her style
Photographed by Stefanie Keenan

First published in the May 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


It’s surreal thing
Man Ray, whose work appeared in Vogue, was one of the most influential artists and photographers of his era, and his presence is still felt today, as Bhavana Bhim explains


The new generation
La nouvelle génération
Twenty twenty-two could be a year where some luxury brands break free of previous limitations, and charge optimistically into the future with new concepts
Vingt-deux pourrait être une année où certaines marques de luxe s’affranchissent des limites antérieures et se projettent, avec de nouveaux concepts, dans l’avenir avec optimisme
From the January 2022 issue of Lucire KSA
Dans le numéro du janvier 2022 de
Lucire KSA





Naughty or nice?
With Christmas just around the corner, Sopheak Seng has you covered for last-minute gift ideas that will be sure to bring a smile to anyone’s dial


It’s real life: conquering body image issues
Alli Spotts-De Lazzer’s MeaningFull is not only founded on a qualified therapist’s knowledge, but first-hand accounts of people who have dealt with dieting, weight and body image issues, and come out the other side having beaten them
Photographed by Drop the Label Movement


One step further
Avancez d’un pas
This month’s selection of products takes something you think you know, then advances them in unexpected fashion
Les créateurs des produits de ce mois-ci les fait progresser de manière inattendue
From the October 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


Return of the wedge
A private collector commissioned Lamborghini to re-create its 1971 Countach LP500 show car, the purest expression of the company’s dramatic wedges that underlies even its current DNA. Jack Yan looks at its design history and the cultural impact of the Countach
From issue 44 of Lucire


Print’s the next big thing
With a web-savvy generation who know about Big Tech’s issues with privacy and surveillance, print magazines are looking like a great time-out from digital screens at every moment of the day. Jack Yan looks at the trends


Getting on the electric ladder
New Zealand’s best priced electric car is MG’s ZS EV. Is it a sensible way to get into emissions-free motoring? Jack Yan finds out
Photographed by Stuart Cowley


Enriching alternatives
An electric car with over 2,000 PS; a honey replacement; and familiar names moving upmarket mark out this month’s lifestyle products of distinction


Faithful with her environmental principles
Copacabana Beachwear founder Roxanna Faithful is putting her business mindset and love for the environment into an additional venture, as she tells Elyse Glickman


A choice cut
The best beef, like the ideal suit, is only as good its makers—and Genesee Valley Ranch is grade A above the rest
Photographed by David Hyde


Year of the ox
Top-of-the-line watches complement a very exclusive Lamborghini supercar in this month’s luxury round-up


Rachel Hunter: an earth angel spreads her wings
After a multi-decade flight riding high as an international supermodel, New Zealand-born and bred Rachel Hunter came back to earth to embark on a journey of self-discovery, personal wellness and inner peace. She shares her discoveries about revitalization, reinvention and renewal with women everywhere through media, meditation, nutrition and yoga, reports Jody Miller





A creative instinct
Actress Joy Osmanski fell in love with the arts since she began ballet lessons at age three. Since then she’s become a busy working actress, with her latest role in the DC Universe series Stargirl. Jack Yan speaks with her
Photographed by Sarah Ford
First published in the October 2020 issue of
Lucire KSA


From scents to scenes
From a book of photographs from a quiet, pandemic-stricken Italy by our own travel editor, to a Bentley-branded paperweight and letter-opener, our gift selection this month is eclectic and tasteful


Small is beautiful
The Honda E is Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in for this year, the first Japanese winner of our annual accolade. Jack Yan explains why


A model life
Tiana Pongs knows the modelling world inside out, from her 15-plus years in the industry as a sought-after, full-time professional. The model and actress tells us about her new book, Keep Smiling: a Career Guide for Models
First published in the September 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


Prompting a rethink
Our latest selection shows that many companies expected the 2020s to be a new decade of rethought and reshaped products, from the grille of the new Hyundai SUV to how you store your tea


Lucire 2020 | The global fashion magazineHack Is Back
After a successful serialization of travel editor Stanley Moss’s novel, The Hacker, earlier this year during lockdown in many countries, we follow up with its sequel, Hack Is Back, which picks up immediately after the conclusion of the earlier story about a young technology company located in Gurgaon, and continues to follow the lives and adventures of all the cast members. This time they’re mixed up with Israeli cybercriminals, Bitcoin ransoms and malware on smartphones
Who’s who | Chapters 1–3 | 4–7 | 8–11 | 12–15 | 16–19 | 20–3 | Acknowledgements


Makers’ Mrkt: a celebration of the personal
Makers’ Mrkt is the antidote to mass production, with its personally curated selection of art, ceramics, fashion accessories, glassware, sculptures, vases and other artisan-made items. Lucire speaks to its founder, Kelly Thompson


Profoundly personal portraits
Jack Yan speaks with international photographer Aliona Kuznetsova, whose work first came to Lucire’s attention in the 2010s, embarks on a new book featuring over a decade of her work, telling a deeply personal story
Photographed by Aliona Kuznetsova
From issue 42 of Lucire


Father’s Day guide 2020
With Father’s Day just around the corner, forget the traditional socks and gift Dad something awesome he will treasure. Sopheak Seng has his selection


Smooth thinking
Whether it’s a smooth taste, a smooth ride, or a smooth design, Lola Cristall and Meg Hamilton have made a premium selection this month


Vanishing Earth
Artist Natalia Kapchuk’s work is a reminder of our society’s impact on our ecology, including the destruction of natural habitats. Elina Lukas checks out her latest project, The Lost Planet


Spending weekends with Cleo on Third
Elyse Glickman discusses Mediterranean cuisine with chef Jan Claudio of Cleo on Third in West Hollywood, who brings in his Puerto Rican heritage and combines it with executive chef Danny Elmaleh’s vision


Flavour 101: a world of advice from chef Tony Reed
Spiceology’s Tony Reed and his team share ideas for cooking, knowing that spices can be the key to good health as well as great flavour. Elyse Glickman finds out more


Balancing act
Javicia Leslie, who plays Ali Finer in God Friended Me, tells Jack Yan about her role, her faith, and how she keeps her life balanced—not to mention her theory on just who is behind the ‘God account’ on the CBS hit show
Photographed by Jon Moe
Make-up by Ivelisse Rosado
Styled by Cristina Tederick

From issue 41 of Lucire


The Hacker
For those facing an extended lockdown during the pandemic, have we a tale for you, serialized over the upcoming weeks. In the novel The Hacker, by travel editor Stanley Moss, all hell breaks loose at a struggling young Gurgaon-based software firm when Shaitan Vikram, one of its ex-employees and a psychopath hacker, swears to revenge his legitimate but ill-timed dismissal from the company rolls
Prologue | Chapters 1–4 | 5–8 | 9–12 | 13–16 | 17–20 | 21–2


Weight: a moment
The US car industry’s design excesses of the 1970s had their roots somewhere, mirroring what was happening in fashion. Jack Yan thinks they emerged during more optimistic times and history may be repeating


Your own private club Med
When spring entertaining comes back, Elyse Glickman has three family recipes from Mediterranean restaurant Soom Soom’s Ronit Machlouf


Comfort and security
The latest in lifestyle this quarter includes something to keep your clothes clean and virtually bacteria-free, and luxury chocolate—they might be just the ticket in this climate. Meg Hamilton and the Lucire team have their recommendations for you


In the land of Route 66
Although a good deal of our readers are US-based, our car reviews haven’t typically been written for that market. Lola Cristall redresses the balance with several luxury models available Stateside


Liquid gold, with a mission
Bees Up Top’s honeys have one of the best brand stories we’ve come across—and they taste spectacularly, too, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by Joel McDowell and Tracey Creed


Deeper tales of migration
Victoria Whisker reviews Diane Comer’s The Braided River: Migration and the Personal Essay. Its accounts of migrants’ stories gave her a deeper appreciation of New Zealanders who have chosen the country as their home


Good house keeping
Vitalie Taittinger pours into her family’s centuries-old legacy, while paying tribute to the contributions actors are making to Hollywood’s history. Elyse Glickman speaks with her
Photographed by Vivien Killilea





Pure expression
Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in for 2019 is a shape that has been with us for two years—and coming up to three. What makes it more qualified than this year’s many débutantes? Jack Yan attempts an answer
Some photographs by Justin Leighton


The personal touch
Since she joined our team a year ago, Lucire KSA editor Annie Wahab makes visits after each issue’s publication to many of her featured subjects


Wired and wireless for sound
Having the right gear makes all the difference when you want to enjoy music properly. Lola Cristall looks at some of the best quality speakers and headphones on the market


Fizzy and feeling good
Elyse Glickman headed to two summer events in Los Angeles ideal for those who love good food and cocktails
Photographed by the author


Crowning glory
Ultra-premium linen brand Crown Goose Bespoke wants to transform where you sleep—at home or away—into a literal dreamland, writes Elyse Glickman


Turning heads
Darren Koele, a veteran in central Ohio, has turned his pen-turning hobby into a passion for creating small works of art. Jack Yan speaks with him


Point taken
Jack Yan talks to Spencer Harrington, a New Zealand-born tattoo artist who’s gaining an international reputation for his work
Main photograph by Taylor Kuykendall


With the cares of the world far behind us
With a 50th anniversary limited edition based around its potent V12 DBS Superleggera, Aston Martin pays tribute to a Bond car, one that isn’t as well known as the DB5 from Goldfinger, but which deserves to be considered alongside it, says Jack Yan
Photographed by Dominic Fraser and courtesy Aston Martin


Musical inspiration
Lola Cristall finds out more about the field of music supervision, talking to Thomas Golubić, president of the Guild of Music Supervisors, after attending their ninth awards’ show in Los Angeles
Photographed by Rich Polk, courtesy Getty Images on behalf of the Guild of Music Supervisors


The perfect cheese board
There’s a way to get a cheese board right, and Charles Duque of the French Dairy Board (CNIEL) shares his knowledge on how to do it


Crazy sexy closets
If clothing, accessories, and jewellery are extensions of your personality, then give them the luxurious storage and security they deserve, reports Elyse Glickman


Welcome to 2019, from the editor of Lucire KSA
Saudi Arabia needs to take its fashion and beauty industry to the next level. Most of all, it needs to develop successful local brands, writes editor Qurratulain Wahab
From the January 2019 issue of Lucire KSA
Photographed by Mohammed Al-Sagga


Fuelling the fire
Dolce & Gabbana’s video campaign prior to a Beijing show was labelled as racist, part of a pattern that can be traced back to western imperalism
From the January 2019 issue of Lucire KSA
Main photograph by WiNG/Creative Commons


Blogs are here to stay
Rosie Findlay’s Personal Style Blogs is an in-depth analysis of the fashion blogosphere. In a counterpoint to our earlier story, Jack Yan considers her book
From issue 38 of Lucire





Jaguar, rethought
Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in for 2018 is Jaguar’s I-Pace, a car that redefines what its brand is about, while offering a segment-redefining entry into the growing luxury electric car market. Jack Yan discusses our decision
From issue 39 of Lucire


Welcome to our Lucire KSA readers
Founder and publisher Jack Yan introduces a new print monthly for our readers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


The lion roars with an American accent
Holden’s Acadia is intentionally imposing, its extravagant launch party echoing that theme. Our first drive of the range suggests the company may be on to a winner for the selfie generation, reports Jack Yan
Photographed by Simon Watts and the author


The return of Snejana Onopka
The elusive Ukrainian supermodel exclusively talks to Reilly Sullivan about what’s next


The fall of the influencer
Lucire predicted the rise of the social influencer many years ago. But now that such ideas have mainstreamed, we’re less optimistic about their staying power—by Jack Yan and Portia Gascoigne
From issue 38 of Lucire


The quiet achiever
Gone are the showy Holden Commodores, which, to be frank, didn’t always have the grunt their looks suggested. The latest RS-V model, with a 320 PS V6 and all-wheel drive, reverses the formula, with quiet looks hiding both horsepower and torque, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by Stuart Cowley


Škoda Karoq: being Praguematic
It’s farewell to Škoda’s very clever Yeti after eight years, and hello to the Karoq, another unusually named compact vehicle. But rather than the MPV-like philosophy of the earlier car, this one’s a crossover with SUV proportions. Does it succeed? Jack Yan takes it for a brief test
Video filmed and edited by Stuart Cowley


Awkwafina: working among crazy rich Asians
Rapper and actress Awkwafina plays Peik Lin in the summer hit Crazy Rich Asians. We sit down with her to ask about her experiences on the film, whether she saw any real-life crazy rich Asians, and what it was like working with Constance Wu and director Jon M. Chu


Twenty-twenty vision
The Volvo XC40 really is a leap into the future, not just for the brand, but for how cars in general can be, as we approach the 2020s, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


Keeping it in the family
In a world of multinational corporations, Mauviel 1830 remains a family-owned firm producing quality cookware, writes Lola Cristall


Power supply
Jack Yan tests the Holden Equinox LTZ-V, and comes away impressed with how complete a challenger GM has managed to create
Photographed by the author


Bowled over!
Los Angeles Times’ food editor Amy Scattergood meets with Elyse Glickman to discuss why food festivals need to evolve to provide everybody a seat at the table


For the most exclusive kitchens
Lola Cristall is impressed by premium cookware and appliances from Anolon, Braun and De’Longhi, and we find the perfect £50,000 Modulnova kitchen for them


Miss Universe New Zealand 2018 Grand Final live stream
Who will succeed Harlem-Cruz Atarangi Ihaia on Saturday night as Miss Universe New Zealand? There’s not only a live, prime-time telecast on Bravo New Zealand, Lucire brings you a live stream
Photographed by Alan Raga


The 2018 Holden Commodore, rethought
Jack Yan samples four of the 2018 Holden Commodore range, which takes the storied nameplate convincingly into the next decade
Photographed by the author and Simon Watts


Remaking Trax
The Holden (née Chevrolet) Trax, related to the Opel Mokka and Buick Encore, is a more pleasing package after its facelift, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


Hear her roar!
Award-winning documentarian Leslie Zemeckis returns with a film about Mabel Stark, another fierce and fearless Hollywood trailblazer, writes Elyse Glickman





Lucire’s news-makers of 2017
There’s little doubt in our minds that Stella McCartney is a news-maker this year—and joining her are five journalists, three politicians, and an engineer


A grand tribute to Allen Curnow
Those seeking a tasteful gift for lovers of poetry and literature should consider Auckland University Press’s two volumes on New Zealand’s greatest poet, Allen Curnow. Jack Yan looks at the pair


Astra reborn
Jack Yan says the new Holden Astra is one of the most compete C-segment cars around, and exceptionally good value, even in its flagship RS-V form
Photographed by Stuart Cowley
Interior photographed by the author


Gal Gadot makes waves
In another look back through our first 20 years, Jack Yan spoke with Gal Gadot in 2009. Back then she was beginning to make a splash in Hollywood, years before she was cast as today’s Wonder Woman. We had the foresight to put her on the cover
Photographed by Andrew Matusik
Hair by Jonathan Hanousek/Exclusive Artists
Make-up by Elaine Offers/Exclusive Artists
Styled by Cliff Hoppus
Digital post by
Photography assisted by Kirk Palmer
From issue 27 of


Independently minded
In another look back through our 20-year history, Jack Yan talks to Allie Gonino, the actress who found fame on The Lying Game, in this 2014 interview, and finds her role in The Red Road one with a greater underlying message that taps into her own desire to make our planet a better place
Photographed by Courtney Dailey
From issue 34 of


Size matters
The Holden Trailblazer LTZ might be the largest vehicle Lucire has tested. With truck and truck-based vehicle sales growing, Jack Yan tries to work out the appeal of Holden’s entry into this market
Photographed by the author


Going off the grid in midwinter
Holden is embarking on a programme that sees 24 models launched in quick succession, where crossover, SUV and truck buyers will be well rewarded. Jack Yan samples the current crop, off the road
Photographed by the author and by Simon Watts


Confident and competent
A ricer it ain’t: Jack Yan says the Honda Civic RS Turbo is a sophisticated and smart sedan with a competent chassis, so don’t let the badge fool you into thinking chavs will eye it up
Photographed by the author


Coco Rocha: on modelling and motherhood
Lola Cristall catches up with Coco Rocha on balancing modelling with motherhood, and how her industry has changed over the last decade and a half
Photographed by Natasha Harri Fuller
Additional photographs by Chello Cruz Photography


Three Olives, one Halsey, and countless ways to express yourself
Elyse Glickman heads to Coachella with Three Olives on its own psychedelic-liveried bus, with singer Halsey as VIP on the road trip
Photographed by the author


Spring: clean
Lola Cristall looks at several stylish and practical items that will look good in any home this northern spring, or southern autumn


Panos Papadopoulos joins Ljungskile SK—this time to play; Vogue announces masthead redesign
April 1, 2017: A shock announcement by Ljungskile as former sponsor Panos Papadopoulos joins the team to play, while Vogue announces it will abandon its Vogue Didot masthead for a simpler, sans serif version





The two sides of Taika Waititi
As we celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2017, we take a first look back in our archives. In July 2007, Sylvia Giles interviewed Taika Waititi, the then up-and-coming film director. These days, of course, Waititi has directing credits such as Boy, What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, and he’s making it big with Thor: Ragnorok. Ten years ago, as is often the case with Lucire, we sensed he’d be the next big thing—and the Taika Waititi that many of us know today can be seen presciently described in Giles’s words
Photographed by Emma Käthe Anderson
Hair and make-up by Vanilla

From issue 25 of Lucire


A guide to 2017 living
In the first of our three-part series, Paris editor Lola Cristall looks at the products that’ll help make life easier in ’17, from chocolate to fireplaces


Japanese international
Mazda’s Axela, sold as the 3 in its export markets, is a fine example of what the plucky Japanese firm can do with small volumes and lots of independent thinking, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


The real successor to the Renault 4 is …
Conventional wisdom says it’s the original Twingo, but since 2015, Renault India has provided the real answer, says Jack Yan


A prince among animals—and humankind
Italian-born, American-bred prince Lorenzo Borghese uses his clout to rescue and protect man’s best friend. Elyse Glickman speaks with him


Finding relief in the Coromandel
Artist Annie Spence moved to New Zealand’s Coromandel region to get away from the rat race. There, she creates unique sculptures that illustrate her love for the country. Jack Yan speaks to her


Coupé de ville
We might test some very exotic machinery at Lucire, but when it comes to our own money, we’re more down to earth. Jack Yan talks about his choice, the Renault Mégane Coupé


In electric company
Lucire gets to live with the BMW i3, rather than take it for a cursory test drive, and Jack Yan thinks he’s seen the future
Photographed by Stuart Cowley


Standing out in today’s world
Ian Ryder is so impressed with the BMW i8 that he believes it’s a design icon that can legitimately be considered in the same breath as some of the great supercars
Photographed by the author


Blue desire
With the trajectory of Hyundai, it was inevitable that they would come up with a big car that would be more desirable than the Japanese and Australian competition. That day is upon us with the Sonata 2·4 Élite, says Jack Yan
Photographed by the author, some images on a Voigtländer Bessamatic Deluxe


Meizu M2 Note: Google-free in a post-Snowden era
Jack Yan, conscious of Google’s privacy invasions after a few run-ins, is pleased with the octa-core Meizu M2 Note. It has its own OS based on Android, but a version that seems to send nothing back to the big G, while having the sort of display that Iphone 6S users delight in, at a fraction of the price


BMW 125i M Sport: flexing its technical muscles
Jack Yan revisits the BMW 125i with M Sport package, now that it has had a makeover—plus gadgets including BMW’s Connected Drive concierge service and the ability to read the news to you
Photographed by the author


Apple’s 2015 MacBook: what it’s really like, nine months on
Sarah Bickerton knows her tech, and when she replaced her 2010 MacBook Air with a 2015 MacBook, she found it suited her needs—but not without a few reservations
Photographed by the author, with some images supplied by Apple


Fate and the Pearls
In 2014, we serialized travel editor Stanley Moss’s The Crimson Garter. It’s our privilege this summer to bring you its sequel, Fate and the Pearls, by SMoss, continuing the adventures of Capt Harry Blackpool
Instalments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7





Mini goes forth
The Mini Cooper five-door opens up a new market, and has enough of the brand’s qualities to find plenty of new adherents, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


Welcome to the future
Jack Yan has had more time to live with the BMW 218i Active Tourer, and finds even greater appeal with the company’s first foray into the MPV segment
Photographed by Stuart Cowley


What they’ll envy in ’16
Lola Cristall looks at the latest offerings in beauty and lifestyle as she attends launches at New York Fashion Week and other events


Women must be at the forefront of climate change solutions
Susi Newborn breaks down the issues relating to climate change, something which affects women far more than men, and issues a challenge as planet Earth must fight for its survival


Range Rover Evoque: still fresh, more stylish, surprisingly capable
Jack Yan samples one of Lucire’s most acclaimed SUVs, in the form of the 2015½ Range Rover Evoque Si4 with Black Pack, and throws more than what you might expect at it
Photographed by Stuart Cowley
from issue 35 of Lucire


The legend of Pininfarina
Jack Yan looks at the legacy of Sergio Pininfarina, one of the most famed car designers in automotive history
photographs courtesy manufacturers
from issue 29 of Lucire


Honesty is the best policy
Jack Yan tests the BMW X5 Xdrive25d. It might be nearly 40 PS down on the previous, more expensive X5 he tested, but he finds there’s more than a valid case for it
Photographed by Stuart Cowley; Castle Pt photos by Yvonne Tucker and the author


The art of Joanne Gair
Janie Duneas looks at a different side to Joanne Gair, internationally known and sought after for her make-up and body-painting work, on the eve of an exhibition opening of her paintings at Blikfang in Auckland


Win Janet Colson’s The Shark Party 
Eleanor Wright reviews Janet Colson’s début novel, set in the New York art world—and readers can be in to win one of two copies (draw finishes April 30, 2015)


French class
A confessed Francophile when it comes to cars, Jack Yan gets behind the wheel of Peugeot’s award-winning 308, in its flagship Allure 2·0 Blue HDi guise, and discovers a very complete, compelling entry
Photographed by the author and by Yvonne Tucker


The car of our times
Jack Yan goes on the launch of the BMW 2-series Active Tourer, and answers just why the German marque sees fit to enter the compact monospace sector
Photographed by the author and courtesy BMW


The sweet spot
Cynics decry it, calling it a niche too far, but Jack Yan makes the case for the BMW X4 Xdrive35d, as he puts it through a series of tasks in our road test
Photographed by Stuart Cowley





Lucire’s news-makers of 2014
Jack Yan looks at the seven personalities who defined our year


X and the city
Does an SUV without four-wheel drive make sense? Jack Yan looks at the BMW X1 Sdrive18d, and concludes that the German company understands us better than we would care to admit
Photographed by the author


Building character
Jack Yan hops behind the wheel of the Hyundai i30 Limited to see if the Korean giant delivers substance in addition to its latest model’s style
Photographed by the author
excerpted from issue 34 of


Halo effect
Jack Yan has an enjoyable Auckland experience as he hops behind the wheel of a white Volvo S60 T6 AWD R Design Polestar, a sports saloon that he doesn’t want to give back
Photographed by the author


BMW 435i: look at me
Jack Yan is surprised at the amount of people who use the BMW 435i M Sport as a conversation-starter
Photographed by the author


Phil Stern: from shadows to enlightenment
The renowned photographer celebrates his 95th birthday and career with the opening of a permanent exhibition at the Veterans’ Home of California. Elyse Glickman reports
Photographed by the author


Hands across the ocean
Some celebrity philanthropists go public to clear the air on their causes. Actress Tanna Frederick, meanwhile, wants to clear the water, writes Elyse Glickman
Photographed by Philip Alderton and Odessy Barbu
From issue 35 of Lucire


Kiwi voices in California: behind the scenes
In Lucire issue 33, about to be released, former Miss Universe New Zealand titleholders Laural Barrett and Samantha Lochhead pose for Jon Moe. During the shoot, Laural—an accomplished musician—took a break on the piano at Riviera 31 at the Sofitel Los Angeles
Photographed by the author


Shanghai knights
Jack Yan has some concerns with the MG 6, the first Chinese-made car tested by this magazine, but has high praise for the follow-up, the small MG 3—which shows just how rapidly China is becoming a car-making force
Photographed by the author


The revolution has arrived
Peter Jobes tests the BMW i3, unlocking its 170 hp electric motor, and finds it a pleasure to drive. The future is here
additional material by Jack Yan


Olga Lomaka: Parasites of Consciousness
London-based artist Olga Lomaka brings femininity and sexuality into her work, bringing dreams and fantasies into reality. Elina Lukas speaks to her on the eve of her new exhibition


Star-struck at Sundance
Lola Saab looks back at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, from the premières to the celebrity lounges and parties


The gentle touch
Jack Yan lives with the BMW 320d Xdrive Touring Sport Line for an extended road test, and discovers that it keeps the Bavarians at the top of the class with an all-round, enjoyable package
Photographed by the author on a Voigtländer Bessamatic Deluxe

Time to lie: Airweave makes your bed better
Elyse Glickman checks out the Airweave bedding topper, designed—and even proven—to give a better night’s sleep


All senses engaged
Jack Yan tests the Volvo V40 T5 R Design, the Chinese-owned Swedish car maker’s latest effort, and finds it ably fulfils its sporting and design briefs
Photographed by Matthew Beveridge
from issue 31 of Lucire


The Crimson Garter
Lucire has frequently covered ballet and travel, and we’ve reviewed hundreds of books. As a treat to readers, we present our full serialization of The Crimson Garter, book one of the Captain Blackpool trilogy, by travel editor Stanley Moss, writing pseudonymously as Lovejoy
Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18





Happy trails
Publisher Jack Yan looks back at his year at Lucire, including six months on the campaign trail running for mayor


Lucire’s news-makers of 2013
Who were the significant people of the year? Jack Yan looks at Lucire’s top six, mercifully free of Miley Cyrus and twerking


By invitation only
Anna Deans checks out October’s highest-profile parties in London and Paris for Rimmel and Ralph Lauren
Photographed by David M. Benett and Julien Hekimian


Product envy
Paris editor Lola Saab flies to New York and attends a lavish GBK and Sparkling Hill Luxury Style Lounge
celebrity photographs by Ana Martins PR and GBK


Ready for prime-time
US West Coast Editor Elyse Glickman checks out the trends and lifestyle items taking the red carpet prior to the big day at the Emmys


A cut above the rest
BMW’s 320i Edition 30 is one of three models commemorating the 30th anniversary of BMW New Zealand. Jack Yan drives the kitted-out Dreier
Photographed by the author


Making life easy
The Renault Koleos is well thought out and designed to be easy to drive. Jack Yan says it hits its targets for those looking for a mid-sized SUV
Photographed by Douglas Rimington/


Giving back kindly for the MTV Movie Awards
Los Angeles correspondent Elva Zevallos reports GBK hits the right notes with its 2013 MTV Movie Awards Suite


New and old kids on the block
US west coast editor Elyse Glickman reports that the Secret Room and the Rock ’n’ Rolla Movie Awards’ Eco Party, celebrating the MTV Movie Awards’ hosts and nominees, are more about quality of life than quantity of bling


Bridging the gaps
Jack Yan attends the BMW 3-series Touring launch, taking in roads between Auckland and Paihia, and thinks the Bavarians have a winner in more ways than one
photographs by Nigel Dunn, the author, and courtesy BMW


That red-carpet feeling
At 2013’s pre-Oscar lounges, Elyse Glickman reports that the fashion, lifestyle and travel trends represented are as interesting, innovative and engaging as this year’s nominated films and performers
Photographed by Travis Jourdain, Manuel Carrillo, Carell Augustus and the author


Lights on Park City
Lucire returns to the Sundance Film Festival, the first time since 2004. Lola Saab reports on the event’s festivities


Translating Grammy glamour to year-round enjoyment
The Grammy Awards and the party scene were back in a happy place this year, with good cheer and upbeat fashion finds, reports Elyse Glickman


Knowledge is power
Initially hesitant, Tiffany Fernando attends the BMW Ladies’ Press Event at Boomrock, sampling a range of cars from the company, and departs a more confident driver
Photographed by Simon Watts/BWP for BMW New Zealand


Bringing home a crown
One would think Aleisha Robertson would be a lot more in the public eye after bringing New Zealand one of its few international pageant victories, at Miss TEEN 2012. Lucire redresses the balance: Jack Yan interviews her


F sharp
That is Lana Del Rey, and she stands alongside Lucire’s choice for Car to Be Seen in 2013. Click through to read about our 13th winner, with Jack Yan explaining why
From issue 30 of Lucire


Winning habits
Celebrities kick off 2013 and its awards’ season with a variety of luxurious products benefiting skin, hair, inner health and inner peace, observes Elyse Glickman
Photographed by the author and by Carell Augustus


Hitting the high notes
Jack Yan interviews Sophie Morris, the unstoppable Otago soprano who is gaining credits rapidly as her career begins
Photographed by Nikita Brown/Nikita Brown Photography


The sound of concern
Elyse Glickman and Elva Zevallos attend GBK’s 2012 American Music Awards lounge, with relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy and the American Red Cross in focus


The adventurous lifestyle
Sarah MacKenzie hops across the Tasman Sea to sample the refreshed 2013 BMW X1, an SUV ideal for the young adventurous couple
Photographed by the author





BMW reckons the 125i M Sport is its hot hatch. Jack Yan sees it differently
Photographed by the author on a Voigtländer Bessamatic Deluxe


Head to toe fashion
We’re accustomed to seeing GBK on the west coast, but Gavin Keilly and his team ventured east to New York Fashion Week for the spring shows, reports Lola Saab


The evolution will be televised
Elyse Glickman, Cheri Fox and Elva Zevallos explore innovative gadgets, beauty breakthroughs and fashion finds at events leading up to the 2012 Emmy Awards


The cars of (the cinematic) James Bond
Jack Yan looks back at the cars of James Bond and what they convey about the character over the last 50 years


Set for Style
The Style Awards kicked off New York Fashion Week’s spring–summer 2013 shows. Lola Saab mixed with the celebrities on the red carpet and at the ceremony
Photographed by Maitland Waters/Symbio Agency


Sporting life
Jack Yan tests the BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics Sport Line, and finds that the Bavarians have managed to stay on top of the game, while making their latest model relevant to the 2010s
Photographed by the author on a Voigtländer Bessamatic Deluxe


Fran Drescher, on top
The enduring actress and activist launches an ambitious extension to her popular Cancer Schmancer charity during the height of Emmys’ week, report Elyse Glickman and Cheri Fox


The future’s bright
Thomas Salme returns from shooting at Miss Teenager Universe in Guatemala, a trip that makes him optimistic about the future
Photographed by the author


The everyman as storyteller
David Machowski talks to Roger Salloom, the singer–songwriter whose work has been performed by the Grateful Dead, Creedance Clearwater Revival and Van Morrison—yet he manages to stay out of the limelight


The sensible choice
Renault’s third-generation Mégane does everything competently—making it the choice for those whose heads rule their hearts, says Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


The only way is up
Matt Malcolm talks to Sián-Pearl Going, the mountain-climber who’s caught international attention, on the spotlight, working with photographer Tony Duran, and a surname that still connects her to rugby
Photographed by Calypso Paoli


Home in on the Range
Jack Yan looks at the pros and cons of the newly released fourth-generation Range Rover, and why it seems to have more detractors than the last model


White heat, white light, white knights
Mid-summer parties and charity fundraisers brighten up a long, hot summer in southern California, reports Cheri Fox
with contributions by Elyse Glickman
Photographs courtesy Melrose PR


Her singing’s on the climb

Singer Lani Allanson was one of the stand-out personalities during the events for Miss Universe New Zealand 2012. Jack Yan talks to the fast-rising teenager on her influences and her future plans
Photographed by Nikita Brown


Tastefully packed

If you must have an SUV, few come better balanced than the BMW X3 Xdrive20d, says Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


I remember tonight
Rising UK artist Arjun Coomarasamy chats heart-to-heart with Tania Naidu about life, love and music


Lights, camera, summer!
Elyse Glickman, Elva Zevallos and Cherise Fox report that beauty events, gifting suites and other happenings around town capture Hollywood’s breezy mood
Some photographs by Todd Seligman


Face to face, with Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs
Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have been brought together under one roof at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Lola Saab takes in the latest exhibition


A new take on Newton
Lola Saab attends the Helmut Newton exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris, the first retrospective held in the city since the photographer’s unexpected death in 2004


Evoking style in town and country
Among the Lucire team, photographer Stephen Ciuccoli knows Land Rovers more than the rest of us, so he was the perfect man to evaluate the most talked-about SUV of the year, the Range Rover Evoque
Photographed by the author


The sensible poser
Jack Yan tests the BMW X6 Xdrive40d, the diesel counterpart to an SUV we love. It’s better for the environment and your pocket, so we should love it more, right?
Photographed by the author


Rays of light
Charities for humans and animals are brought to light at various pre-red carpet parties leading up to Hollywood’s biggest night, observes Elyse Glickman


Revealing the secrets of kabuki
Fashion and celebrity photographer Frédéric Aranda gets unprecedented access to Japan’s secretive kabuki theatre, showing his works in a charity exhibition in London next month. Yuka Murai reports
Photographed by Frédéric Aranda


Graziano Ferrari: at the top of his game
Thomas Salme talks to photographer Graziano Ferrari, who was there when Milano launched its first fashion shows
Photographed by Graziano Ferrari


Natural selections
While designer clothing, accessories and fine jewellery made appearances on the pre-Golden Globes catwalks, Elyse Glickman observes that innovative beauty products and edible organic treats were the stars of the show


Who buys the Countryman?
Jack Yan initially has difficulty placing the Mini Countryman Cooper S All4 in his mind—until he realizes it’s not like any Mini ofold in the message it’s trying to convey
Photographed by the author


Hitting the right notes
GBK’s pre-American Music Awards Party sets the stage for conscientious celebrating and some superbly thoughtful holiday gift-giving ideas
by Elyse Glickman


BMW X5: power ranger
Great for the school run and full of practicality? The X5 may well be those things, but, as Jack Yan discovers, BMW has given this turbodiesel SUV a welcome surprise
Photographed by the author





Source4Style: perfecting the process
Jack Yan explains how Source4Style makes the global business of fashion more ethical and transparent as it helps labels source directly from sustainable, ecological suppliers
Photographed by Shawn Brickbill
Featured in issue 28 of


BMW 650i Cabriolet: an instant classic
The 650i Cabrio may have a throaty V8 with over 400 PS on tap, but it’s foremost a style proposition that’s ideal for summer, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by Judith Yeh


Playing a more sensible game
Turn on the ignition, and the Mini Cooper D sounds Germanic and sensible. That is, until you open it up on a tricky mountain road, says Jack Yan
Photographed by Sabine Ernest


Daphne Guinness: chic, not shy
The Daphne Guinness exhibition at the Museum at FIT shows the brewery heiress isn’t afraid of pushing the envelope when it comes to her extravagant collection of fashion, writes Lola Saab
Photographs courtesy FIT and Eileen Costa


The optimist of 2011
Audi’s A7 Sportback is our Car to Be Seen in. Yet isn't choosing another luxury car going against the grain of these recessionary times? Jack Yan explains
Photographed by the author


Turn on, tune in, tone down
Though the pre-Emmy Awards social whirl was in full swing, Elyse Glickman finds practical, innovative items and socially relevant charities getting the best critical response among A-listers in attendance


Fashion: illustrated
Ian MacKintosh talks to Gerardo Larrea to find out more about this Peruvian artist’s distinctive style


Alexander McQueen: the legend
Lola Saab visited the year’s most talked-about fashion exhibition: Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty, curated by Andrew Bolton and held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Photographs courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Sophie’s choices
While a career in life coaching can be lucrative, Sophie Chiche finds true enrichment in making a literal world of success stories and advice available to all
by Elyse Glickman
Photographs courtesy Kravetz PR


Getting your daily dose
As Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian transition into summer, a host of wellness-themed events provide tips and tricks on looking and feeling your best


Madame Grès’ fashion appeal
Lola Saab talks to curator Laurent Cotta about the exhibition of Madame Grès, the French haute couture designer, at the Musée Bourdelle in Paris
Photographed by Stéphane Piera and Pierre Antoine


Pop art
Los Angeles’ spring 2011 celebrity social season is a jumpy, textured canvas of ’80s nostalgia, budget-friendly fashion finds, common sense, practicality and just-because kitsch, report Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian


As seen by Christian Lacroix
Christian Lacroix was the one designer who could give the Near East’s history a contemporary vibe, at L’Orient des femmes vu, curated by Hana Al Banna-Chidiac. She talks to Lola Saab about how the exhibition came together
Photographed by Cyril Zannettacci and Gautier Deblonde, courtesy la Musée du Quai Branly


Five’s flip sides
Jack Yan tests both the BMW 550i and 535d and discovers two very different beasts—but can both be the best executive saloon in the world?
Photographed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian


Looking beyond the mountains
While global beauty Yangzom Brauen came of age in Bern, Switzerland, she has matured into her Tibetan legacy and global consciousness as an author, actress and activist, by Elyse Glickman
Photographed by Adam Sheridan-Taylor


Social networking, in real life
Exclusive social network Elysiants kicked off in its latest core city, Santiago. Vicki Matias reports
Photographs courtesy of Benoît Poirier d’Ambreville


Music’s universal significance
Carnegie Hall celebrated its 120th anniversary with a star-studded line-up, ranging from James Taylor to former US president Bill Clinton. Lola Saab was there
Photographed by Chris Lee


A career watershed?
Women have come a long way, baby. However, even the strongest of us may still need to work on keeping our emotions in check. Here’s how and why, writes Elyse Glickman


Social networking on the red carpet
Hollywood royalty geared up for their Oscar speeches and red carpet strolls via events that offered them tools to help them look their best, reports Leyla Messian
Photographed by Carell Augustus


Well travelled music A-listers road-test cool lifestyle goods
Distinctive Assets revs up its successful pre-Grammy Bash formula with practical products suited for a life on the go. Elyse Glickman makes a pit-stop at Staples Center to see what’s new


The X factor
BMW’s X1 SUV has more sporting proportions and a more sensible size for the sensitive early 2010s. However, it’s not the complete package, as Jack Yan explains
Photographed by the author


Für die Manner von Cobra 11
Jack Yan finally gets a chance to put the Audi A4 and BMW 3-series back to back
Photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


Arming your mind
Morgan Davison makes her choices for some in-depth fashion reading


Welcome to our Qatari readers
To our readers in Qatar, a warm welcome—you’re part of a global community that has been growing since we uploaded our first pages in 1997


The spirit of 2002
No, not the year: Jack Yan tries to find if any of BMW’s diesel coupés recapture the essence of the company’s famed 2002 range of the 1970s
Photographed by the author and Nigel Dunn


The rational German
The Audi A8 ticks the boxes for performance, handling, safety and gadgets. Jack Yan takes it for a series of test drives and ponders whether Ingolstadt finally has Stuttgart and München licked
Photographed by the author


The mothers and daughters of invention
Though big names once again head to Doris Bergman and Kathy Duliakas’s annual love fest celebrating Valentine’s Day and the Academy Awards, Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian find goods and services from several women-owned businesses are the stars of the day


The Hamptons in Genève
Genève became the Hamptons for a night as Baume & Mercier, with spokeswoman Gwyneth Paltrow, rang in a new era for the watchmaker. Elle Hopper reports
Photographed by Damien Keller/PhotoProEvent and the Image Gate


Successes for Relativity
Elle Hopper looks at the Relativity Media party in Beverly Hills, where the winners were partying after the studio’s 2011 Golden Globes’ successes
Photographed by Charley Gallay/Wireimage and Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Burnished gold
While Ricky Gervais peppered the broadcast with powerful, irreverent and cutting statements, many pre-awards' events showed heart, creativity, conscientiousness and even restraint. Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian report


The magnificence of Bulgari
Lola Saab talks to Amanda Triossi, who has curated the last two Bulgari exhibitions in Roma and Paris, with plans for a third in Beijing
Photographed by Pascal Le Segretain, Marc Piasecki and Marc Ausset-Lacroix for Getty Images, and courtesy Bulgari


An SUV for the Saint
A jet-set figure arriving at an airport? A white Volvo? It sounds like the start of another adventure of Leslie Charteris’s the Saint, Simon Templar, as Jack Yan chronicles yet another chapter in the life of the haloed one
Photographed by the author





Edging back into glamour
Mercedes-Benz's E-Klasse coupé looked fussy and fancy when we first saw photographs of it. After seeing it in the metal and, importantly, driving it, it's a car that moves the game on for the new decade. And it's our Car to Be Seen in for 2010, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


Fired up for ethical fashion
Jack Yan interviews Paloma Vivanco, who was “fired” from the UK version of The Apprentice by Lord Sugar. They discuss how she got on the show, the media’s portrayal, and her plans for her fashion label, Inacia


Mad about the Emmys
While Mad Men took top accolades at the 2010 Emmy Awards, the week was filled with winning pre-show events that brought the best of beauty, health and accessory trends. Leyla Messian scoped out the best


The first wives’ club
Six years on, do we still love the Ford Territory as much as we once did? Jack Yan finds out
Photographed by the author


Cheryl Cole headlines in Cannes
Cheryl Cole was the big news last night in Cannes as she performed at the de Grisogono dinner party
Photographed by Sean Gallup for de Grisogono/Getty Images


Richly rewarding
Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian review some of the 2010 award season's sparkling highlights
Some photographs by the authors and by Tony Di Maio/Star Traks Photo


The “united” state of Oscar
As Children Uniting Nations brought together celebrities for the noble cause of supporting at-risk youth, some of the evening’s biggest Oscar winners mirrored their mission, writes Elyse Glickman


Hollywood through the ages
Getty Images Gallery takes us through Tinsel Town’s last 100 years
Photographs courtesy of Getty Images


The observer
Angela Lassig has written the seminal work on New Zealand fashion design. Jack Yan speaks with her
Photographed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian


Shanghai’s night of glamour
Billed as Shanghai’s most glamorous party, the opening night on March 18 saw the latest addition bearing the Peninsula name playing host to some of Hong Kong and China’s who’s who


That’s the spirit
With the help of Piaget and Jameson Irish Whiskey, Hollywood celebrated independent film on the eve of the Academy Awards in downtown Los Angeles last Friday
Photographed by Jordan Strauss/Getty Images and John Shearer/Getty Images


London sparkles at the Love Ball
Celebrities headed to Camden’s Roundhouse on February 23 for the De Beers-supported Love Ball London, benefiting the Naked Heart Foundation
Photographed by Claire R. Greenway and Chris Jackson, and courtesy De Beers and Getty Images


Global proportions
Even with shadows of economic, environmental and political concerns looming, Golden Globe events provide a silver lining that transcends the glow of celebrity. Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian head to suites hosted by Madison & Mulholland, Nathalie DuBois and GBK to find what glows even more brightly





Body, soul and spirits
Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian end one long, hot summer in LA on a delicious note with events that celebrate the good life on a more intimate and human scale
DPA photographs by Philip Holbrook


Jimmy Choo and H&M, on high above the Strip
Hollywood celebrities get a preview of the Jimmy Choo for H&M range at a party above the Sunset Strip
photographed by WireImage


Blown away, but not literally
The Netherlands’ and Germany’s most famous WAG, Sylvie van der Vaart (née Meis), gives BMW’s convertibles a hair test


It’s our birthday
We celebrate our 12th anniversary today—but you get the presents
Photographed by Andrew Matusik and Douglas Rimington/


Watch out for Cindy Crawford
Cindy Crawford, George Clooney and others had a full schedule last week as they launched an Omega advertising campaign and a redesigned Constellation line


My fellow Countryman
Jack Yan samples the Mini Cooper S Clubman, saying that its extra door works, and that it’s more a rival to the little SUVs that Sloane Rangers drive about
Photographed by the author
From issue 26 of Lucire


Montblanc’s Paris flagship opens
Montblanc opened its flagship boutique in Paris on the rue de la Paix, with an international gathering of celebrities
Photographs by Pascal le Segretain and François Durand/Getty Images for Montblanc


London’s on the map
Burberry Prorsum’s party said loudly that London is back, as the celebrities and business élite commemorated the close of the 25th anniversary edition of Fashion Week
Photographed by Getty Images for Burberry


Gisèle Bündchen is UNEP’s new goodwill ambassador
Supermodel Gisèle Bündchen joins a worthy cause, one which Lucire paved the way for in 2003, as she becomes the new UNEP environmental ambassador


You just need to talk like Keeley Hawes
Jack Yan says the Ford Fiesta 1·6 Zetec gives you more between the wheels, and that it's one of the most complete small cars he's ever driven. However, the voice recognition isn't as universal as Ford thinks
Photographed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian


What a day for a picnic
When not attending summer blockbuster premières, Hollywood savours the season with food-driven fun, as reported by Elyse Glickman
additional reporting by Leyla Messian


The Venetian red carpet
As part of the Biennale, Venezia cranks up the glamour with its 66th film festival
Photographs courtesy of Getty Images


When tennis met food
Sporting and culinary celebrities got together in New York last Thursday for a bash benefiting NYC’s Food Bank
Photographed by Stephen Lovekin and Donald Bowers/Getty Images


Elle Macpherson adds a c for cool
Supermodel Elle Macpherson may have attended the Jaguar XJ launch, but in real life she’s a fan of the Fiat 500—and its latest variant, the convertible 500C


A weekend remembering the King of Pop
Rohn Padmore's Red Carpet Suite celebrating the BET Awards was one of the first events to pay respects to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Elyse Glickman was there


The body beautiful
Jaguar went all out with its XJ launch at the Saatchi Gallery in London, with celebrities ranging from Jay Leno and Elle Macpherson to the Hoff himself
Photographed by Getty Images


Fire up the Quattro
Jack Yan loves the Audi coupés and their Jekyll and Hyde character
Photographed by the author
From issue 26 of Lucire


The Car to Be Seen in ’09
We go through the cars that could have been the Car to Be Seen in for 2009—and conclude that there is only one winner, the Alfa Romeo MiTo


Eight speeds to efficiency
Jack Yan tests the Audi A4 1·8 TFSI, and says one's choice of junior executive saloon comes down to which part of Germany you feel a greater affinity with
Photographed by the author


It’s in the details
The Peugeot 308 SW HDI is fussy and French, but it's still the best in its class, says Jack Yan
Photographed by the author


125 in style
Bulgari throws a bash for its first retrospective in Roma, and the stars came out
Photographed by Elisabetta Villa and Vittorio Zunino Celotto/WireImage


Good on Paper
Multi-talented Deborah Anderson doesn't just have a creative vision: she lives it by Elyse Glickman


A more real Oscar week
The pre-award prep and primp sessions may be pared down, but Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian discover spirits are as high as ever in Hollywood. This year's film and talent nominees represent a renewed commitment to quality and social consciousness, as did the gatherings intended to celebrate their accomplishments


Wealth preservation society
Jack Yan thinks he can be a hoon in the Mini John Cooper Works—but there’s an element of respectability to this new model
photographed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian
From issue 27 of Lucire


Design Mobel’s sustainable style
Sustainable, stylish furniture remains the hallmark of New Zealand-based Design Mobel


Carry on Hollywood
Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian visit the Golden Globes’ pre-award show festivities to explore how trend creators and trend-setters are making the most of tough times





Launching Club Campari
Campari launches its new calendar, starring Jessica Alba, at la Permanente in Milano
Photographed by Stefania d'Alessandro, Vittorio Zunino Celotto, Daniele Venturelli and others, all courtesy Getty Images


Club Red
Jessica Alba appears in the 10th anniversary edition of the Campari calendar, published in a strict limited edition of 9,999
photographed by Mario Testino


Charlize unites with the UN
Charlize Theron has been made the United Nations’ newest Messenger for Peace, focusing on an issue personal to her: violence against women


First stop: Tokyo
Hennes & Mauritz’s Japanese stores are the first to see the new collaborative collection created with Comme des Garçons’ Rei Kawakubo


Long time coming
The 2008 holiday season marked the close of a year where America was the ultimate reality television show star, report Elyse Glickman and Leyla Messian
Expanded from issue 27 of Lucire


Releasing from Bondage
The cinematic “Bond girls” have tended to be male fantasies, but has feminism finally been found with the Daniel Craig-era James Bond films? Jack Yan wonders
Photographs from Quantum of Solace by Karen Ballard


An angel in Los Angeles
American actress Femi Emiola, who was introduced to Lucire readers in a campaign for Toyota, talks about her life growing up in the Philippines and Nigeria, her work on US TV including The Practice, and the New Zealand connection in her wedding vows by Jack Yan
Photographed by Olesja Mueller


Tamara Ecclestone, PETA’s right formula
Tamara Ecclestone, the socialite daughter of the Formula One boss, is the latest celebrity to pose virtually naked for PETA’s anti-fur campaign
Photographed by Karl Grant


Dana Thomas, lady luxe
Sylvia Giles interviews Dana Thomas, author of Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster, who uncovers some of the negative sides of globalization and the fashion business
From issue 26 of Lucire


Base points
Jack Yan samples the basic two-litre Ford Focus, and says that as long as the company can keep sourcing great cars from Europe, it might gain in street cred


Capturing character
Monica Waldron attends the first selling exhibition of the 5th Earl of Lichfield’s work and comes away impressed
Photographed by Patrick Lichfield


Mamma Mia! hits Greece
Based on the play based on the ABBA songs-Mamma Mia! hits the big screen and premières with a photo call in Greece


Roaming holiday
The Fiat 500 is Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in for 2008, as the year’s most classless car, appealing to every segment, says Jack Yan


The survival of celebrity
Jack Yan looks at two recent sports-celebrity endorsements—Maria Sharapova for Sony Ericsson and Zinédine Zidane for IWC Schaffhausen—and wonders how some remain on a high while others lay low after very public slips


Life after “reality”
The US might have a sense of scaling back, but there are still plenty of great dos out on the west coast, report Elyse Glickman and Karen Loftus
Expanded from issue 26 of Lucire


A World of luxury
Sonia Yee attends a special dinner hosted by World’s Francis Hooper and Denise l’Éstrange-Corbet
Photographed by Darren Pat
Expanded from issue 26 of Lucire


I heart Mike Mills
M. K. Johnson explains just why artist-filmmaker Mike Mills takes her fancy


Breaking with tradition
Jack Yan drives the Mercedes-Benz C200K Avantgarde, and finds that flash and the German accent come free
From issue 25 of Lucire





Finding the Car to Be Seen in 2008
It’s that time of year again: Lucire announces its nominees for the eighth annual Car to Be Seen in


Eva Mendes shows cheeky PETA campaign
Our friends at PETA have revealed a cheeky new campaign with Eva Mendes, who joins other celebrities in opposing fur


Australia’s gain
Douglas Rimington, one of Lucire’s regular photographers, departs for Sydney on December 1—we pay tribute to him


Number 22
Known as one of the country's best PR reps, Murray Bevan is the man behind the success of many a New Zealand label by Jack Yan
From issue 23 of Lucire


Bring out the animal (print)
Hennes & Mauritz rolls out its collaborative collection with Roberto Cavalli with more aplomb than its previous joint efforts
Photographed by Alfonso Catalano and Larry Busacca


Time to walk off
Hollywoodiens can party, and to wrap up Los Angeles Fashion Week, our friends at TDink magazine hosted the Fashion Walkoff
Photographed by Thomas Connors, Nick Benjamin and Julian


Man in a suitcase
Jack Yan interviews Nigel Barker, photographer and America's Next Top Model judge
From issue 14 of


Thoughts in a V8
Jack Yan fulfils a childhood fantasy, but where were Pussy Galore and the ejector seat?
Photographed by the author
From issue 16 of Lucire


The next best thing
As the latest print issue of Lucire is about emerging talent, we look at three young ladies who are set to become the faces to watch. Jack Yan previews them
Photographed by Hannah Richards, Jeff Olson and Richard Machado
From issue 24 of


Rich mixture
Clive Owen is the consummate actor who loves to mix his roles-Chancer, Croupier, Closer and beyond-and steps out into a new field as the face of Lancôme Men
Excerpted from issue 24 of


Just one of the others
While some actresses merely play “the girl next door”, and others try to embody it, Lost’s Elizabeth Mitchell bends the term every which way to make it her own by Elyse Glickman
Photographed by Andrew Matusik
Excerpted from issue 23 of Lucire


Out of the blue
Actress Ashley Scott may live in Los Angeles but has lost none of her southern charm and values by Jack Yan
Photographed by Andrew Matusik
Adapted from issue 16 of Lucire


Making more than music
Laural Barrett, Miss New Zealand 2007, is in Mexico City contending the Miss Universe crown. Jack Yan speaks with her and begins understanding what makes Laural tick and sets her apart
Photographed by Camille Sanson
Expanded from issue 24 of Lucire


A green lesson
It’s a crime for the Peugeot 207 HDI 110 not to be sold in more places, as it’s good for the environment, says Jack Yan
Photographed by Douglas Rimington
Expanded from issue 24 of


Allroad leads to roam
Jack Yan is besotted by the 2007 Audi Allroad, a wagon for the gentleman
Photographed by Douglas Rimington
Expanded from issue 24 of Lucire


All about Eva
As Eva La Rue ascends to prime-time Hollywood's A-list via CSI: Miami, she brings with her the wisdom and wit shaped from her years as a working New York-based actress, as Elyse Glickman discovers
photographed by Jon Moe
Expanded from issue 17 of


Muscles in a suit
The new Audi TT is safe for men—stylish and more masculine than its predecessor, according to Jack Yan
photographed by Douglas Rimington
Expanded from issue 23 of


The grand European tour
The Renault Mégane Estate is not only good-looking, it trounces its opposition convincingly, as Jack Yan drives from Paris to Marne and back
Photographed by the author
From issue 21 of Lucire


A love of conservation
Actress Jennifer Siebel (The Trouble with Romance) talks about her love for conservation-and what she, in the acting community, is doing about it. It's beyond lip service
Photographed by Charles Thompson
From issue 7 of Lucire


Adair to be different
Desperate Housewives' costumer Cate Adair brings her fresh take on Hollywood style to the world, writes Elyse Glickman
Excerpted from issue 22 of Lucire


Battery life
It's official: the Tesla Roadster is 2007's Car to Be Seen in, even if it's rare and the first year's production has been snapped up by eco-conscious Americans. Jack Yan explains
From issue 22 of Lucire


Car to Be Seen in 2007
It’s that time of the year again, when Lucire announces the most stylish cars of the coming year. Our finalists reviewed


Brooklyn in New York
Brooklyn Decker, known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, features in the latest Lucire. We learn more about the North Carolina-raised model
Photographed by Jon Moe
Expanded from issue 21 of Lucire





A New York state of mind
Amber Peebles is no stranger to the limelight: a former Miss New Zealand and now host of the country’s relaunched MTV. Jack Yan caught up with her while travelling in the US with her new career
Photographed by John F. Cooper
Excerpted from issue 20 of Lucire


Capturing celebrity
Cecil Beaton photographed everyone from Jean Cocteau to Jean Shrimpton, documenting the 20th century's fascination for celebrity
Photographed by Cecil Beaton





Car to Be Seen in 2006
Our nominees for the sixth annual Car to Be Seen in, the world’s most subjective car awards


The Lucire 2005 gift guide
Still stuck on gifts for the holidays? Lucire presents its annual guide for shoppers by Phillip Johnson
Expanded from the December 2005 print edition of


Five for Two for the Money
Lucire’s the magazine of choice in the Universal movie Two for the Money—how we got in it


The stylish Dad, 2005
With Father's Day not too far off, stylish gifts from tech to touch by Phillip D. Johnson


Secrets of the red carpet
Tying in with our ‘Star Struck’ issue, we look at how some of the Oscar stars got their style this year by Stevie Wilson


As seen on TV
Behind the scenes at Douglas Rimington’s shoots for Lucire that wound up on network television by Jack Yan
photographed by Douglas Rimington and the author


Chef Kenward
Forty years old (plus some months), Denis Kenward creates exquisite one-off paua jewellery designs by Jack Yan
Photographed by Douglas Rimington
From the April 2005 print issue of


Nights of stars
Lucire takes in the party scene during Oscar week by Elyse Glickman
Expanded from the April 2005 print issue of


Valentine’s Day gift guide 2005
By popular demand, Lucire presents its comprehensive gift guide for Valentine’s Day, 2005 by Phillip D. Johnson and Stevie Wilson





Attainable desirability
We announce our nominees for 2005’s Car to Be Seen in, the most subjective car awards in the world


Rocked in Rio
We look back at one of the big events of the summer, Lisboa’s Rock in Rio, and the celebrities who ranged from Sir Paul McCartney to Britney Spears by Tiago E. Santo


A worldly passion
Our exclusive interview with Jennifer Siebel, Hollywood actress and production company head, Stanford alumna, Conservation International member and the embodiment of a Lucire reader by Jack Yan with Devin Colvin
photographed by Jon Moe


When it rains, it reigns
Lucire ventures on to the red carpet for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Benefit Gala, seen by many as New York's party of the year by Phillip D. Johnson
photographed by Raymond Burrows and the author


How suite it is
How the stars, including Keisha Castle-Hughes and Charlize Theron, were pampered during Oscar week, and what was in the official and unofficial goody bags by Stevie Wilson


A style of her own
Up-and-coming Katy Rose is the real thing: a singer–songwriter who has input on every aspect of her work—it’s hard to believe she’s 17 by Devin Colvin





Civic virtue
Amber Peebles, Miss World New Zealand 2003-4, talks to Lucire about her make-up training, her experience in Japan and her spirituality by Jack Yan
photographed by the author


Two books published Down Under set their records straight by Julie Roulston and Jack Yan


Manolo mania invades Manhattan organizes an exhibition honouring Manolo Blahnik while Bergdorf Goodman goes one further and brings the man in live by Phillip D. Johnson
photographed by the author


Fashionable times
We review the summer’s latest fashion books from Fashion People and its glimpse into front-row politicking to the much talked-about The Devil Wears Prada by Phillip D. Johnson


Director of boards
We profile Sergej Gerasimenko, the Stockholm-based designer whose cardboard furniture remains the epitome of enviro-cool by Jack Yan





An icon among stylists
Lucire interviews Rebecca Weinberg, one of the most successful stylists of our time by Alice Goulter


Centre of the Emporio
As Panos Emporio selects Yana Kay to accompany Janina Frostell, we visit its founder, Panos Papadopoulos, on location in Sweden by Jack Yan


Sculpting shoe art
Bruce Gray’s giant shoe sculptures are among the most delightful art items with typically cheeky southern Californian spunk by Jack Yan


Moët for linguists
We solve the fashion-week mystery surrounding the pronunciation of the first half of the Moët et Chandon brand by Carolyn Enting


At the Crossroads with Britney Spears
The transformation from teen pop sensation to a 20-something sophisticate and marketing phenomenon as Britney dons more stylish outfits


Janina Frostell gets into top gear
Ever since Robbie Williams’ ‘Love Supreme’, interest in motorsports has re-ignited, so much so that Panos Emporio is putting its money behind a Swedish motorcycle racing team
Photographed by Micael Engström


Catching Showroom 22
Murray Bevan cuts a niche in the market-place with Auckland’s first high-fashion showroom by Jack Yan


Kylie is back
From Neighbours star to pop diva, Kylie Minogue survived the backlash of the 1990s and is about to go on her European Fever tour. How did she do it?


The rise and rise of Anna Kournikova
As she prepares to “pose in paradise”, Lucire examines the rise of the fashionable tennis superstar—and is there a positive side to the criticisms of Anna K.?
Main photograph by Barry Rosen


When fur offends
In time for Easter, NYPD Blue’s Charlotte Ross joins the ranks of Christy Turlington and Pamela Anderson in preferring to go naked than wear fur
Photographed by Robert Sobree





Is there an Abercrombie & Fitch cult? (And if there is, can I join?)
We examine the A&F Quarterly controversy and its imagery by Phillip D. Johnson


Celebrating Jacqueline Kennedy
The Met’s Jacqueline Kennedy: the White House Years exhibition by Phillip D. Johnson


The spirit of Versace
A world-class event: the Versace exhibition at Te Papa in New Zealand by Jack Yan


Ana Hickmann: model of the moment?
The media have been championing the 19-year-old Brazilian model's virtues—so is this Ana Hickmann's year?
Photographs courtesy ID Model Management





Wear to go
What to wear when the invitation says … by Simone Knol





Dermot O'Leary backstage
A heart-to-heart interview with the Irish co-presenter of the Clothes Show Live '99 on the show, New Year plans and his fashion disasters by Meredyth Lewis
Photographed by the author


Kaaya: an experience to cherish
We visit New Delhi's Kaaya, offering customers ‘an experience to cherish’ by Aradhana Sinha


Triple Exposure
The 1960s fashion photography exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London by Simone Knol
photographed by Michael Cooper, John Cowan and Ronald Traeger


Liz Tilberis
A tribute by Jack Yan





Style and individuality
Browsing through Sommerfields’ collection in our holiday gift guide





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