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Hyundai announces its latest Tucson crossover, with a more sporting look

Prompting a rethink

LIVING Our latest selection shows that many companies expected the 2020s to be a new decade of rethought and reshaped products, from the grille of the new Hyundai SUV to how you store your tea





It’s a crossover SUV, but not just any: since its début in 2004, Hyundai has shifted over seven million Tucsons. To keep the momentum up, this 2020 débutante has sharper, sportier lines, parametric hidden lights, and hybrid and plug-in hybrid options. Inside is a fully digital cockpit, including a tailored infotainment experience, and last-mile navigation that can send data to the user’s cellphone. Hyundai also claims best-in-class safety.


Keyed in
We’re sticklers when it comes to good keyboards. You can buy the fanciest computers but, at the end of the day, your keyboard and mouse are the items with which you’ll have physical contact when computing, and it makes sense for them to give you as little strain as possible. Enter the Zergo Freedom keyboard, with mechanical switches (better to type with, and longer-lasting), a split configuration, and a design that’s made to be comfortable. The palm rests are movable, and fixed ones are an option. The designers believe the Freedom keyboard will cause less pain, and that new users will quickly adapt. The absence of a separate numeric keypad prevents users from reaching too far for the mouse. Find out more at


In colour
Logitech G, the gaming sub-brand of Logitech, introduces colour back into the world of computing. Its G733 Lightspeed wireless gaming headset comes in four colours, the hero product in its Colour Collection that also includes the G305 Lightspeed wireless gaming mouse, and G203 and G915 gaming keyboards. Logitech cites social media and user-generated content (including streaming media, where gamers’ gear can be seen) as pushes toward it creating a more colourful line, hence the introduction of white, blue, lilac and black versions of the G733. Weight is a mere 278 g, the ear pads are made of soft memory foam that conform to the shape of the user’s head, and it features reversible suspension headbands.


Tea time
Ludovica Mascheroni, under the guidance of Fabio Mascheroni and Roberta Caglio, has created Tisaurea, a bleached ash cupboard with a Michelangelo marble top, stainless-steel sink, wooden shelves, nabuk details, and internal LEDs. It’s been designed for tea and herbal tea rituals in mind, for those who want to enjoy a warm moment inside as the days grow shorter again. More at


To the max
Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold2 5G is the next-generation mobile device, which can be used as a cellphone or, when folded out, a large screen. A Hideaway Hinge allows one to stand the screen up, while the operating system allows you to view or create content in folded and unfolded modes. Use it as either a 6·2-inch folded phone or a 7·6-inch main screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate for gaming and smooth scrolling, and a notch-less front camera. •






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