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Samsung’s AirDresser keeps clothes clean

Comfort and security

LIVING The latest in lifestyle this quarter includes something to keep your clothes clean and virtually bacteria-free, and luxury chocolate—they might be just the ticket in this climate. Meg Hamilton and the Lucire team have their recommendations for you




Tastefully designed, Samsung’s AirDresser can look discreet

Meg Hamilton is a writer for Lucire.


Clean and fresh

With all of us on greater alert about hygiene, Samsung’s AirDresser comes to our aid. You can hang garments inside the AirDresser, and let the appliance do its work: powerful air is released inside to loosen and remove dust quietly, and high-temperature steam then sanitizes the garments to help remove bacteria, viruses and allergens. Samsung says the process kills all dust mites, certain viruses, 99·9 per cent of two types of bacteria (E.coli and S.aureus), and 99 per cent of harmful substsances (perchloroethylene). It even deodorizes and self-cleans; after 40 cycles it’ll automatically tell you it’s time for an additional clean. Retails for NZ$3,599 in New Zealand (check out Noël Leeming or Harvey Norman after Level 4 gets lifted).



Mudita wants to simplify our lives, and with some people getting weary of social media, they may well have the solution with a back-to-basics phone called the Pure. There are no distractions, and the display is an eye-friendly e-ink one—no more getting dazzled by bright screens keeping you awake. With its simplicity comes long battery life. Currently, Mudita has an Indiegogo campaign going, to raise funds to put the technology into production. Find out more at


Extra rich

You know when Lindt has the Lindor sub-brand on the packaging that you’re in for a treat, and the salted caramel chocolate from the Swiss company is delectable. While seemingly counterintuitive, salt lifts the flavour and the caramel centre is a delight. While there was some confusion in the west over whether Lindt chocolates are halāl, these particular ones pass the test, with no animal fats or alcohol.


Smart luggage

The world’s first smart suitcase has been released by Samsara at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Fully equipped with wifi hotspot technology, accurate location data tracking and a sleek on-the-go workstation design, this suitcase is perfect for the seasoned traveller and makes a sturdy, reliable transport companion. In partnership with cellular provider Monogoto, Samsara has infused its suitcase with smart technology: the wifi hotspot connection is on a secured private network, and there is charging capability for smartphones and laptops. Bluetooth and GPS tracking link to Samsara luggage apps, and send notifications when the case moves out of range or is opened, for that extra peace of mind. With a lightweight, durable polycarbonate finished and fireproof aviation-grade aluminium finish, this product is unparalleled.—Meg Hamilton





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