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Radiance revival

There are signs of summer on the horizon, and Jody Miller is here with her beauty picks for the upcoming season


Confessions of a star cosmetic chemist

Ron Robinson, the creator of BeautyStat, tells Jody Miller how decades of research led him to create a best selling brand


Best tressed: practical solutions for fine and thinning hair

Jody Miller finds out what causes thinning hair, and has the low-down on a selection of products that could restore those luscious locks


Good enough to eat (almost)

Dessert-inspired K-beauty brand Oliviaumma—already established in South Korea with a fashion line—promises a delicious glass glow with its skin care range, now available in the US


Ideas, innovation, and self-care come of age

Elyse Glickman attends 2024’s Adit show and finds that independent beauty brands are delivering what today’s consumers want
Event photographs by the author


Into the Stratia-sphere

Stratia founder Alli Reed trusted science instead of hype to create one of indie beauty’s favourite upstarts. Jody Miller interviews her


From the city to the Atlantic coast

Beauty brands, lifestyle concepts as well as health and wellness regimens are constantly evolving. Lola Cristall gets a taste at three US east coast events


Perfumed escapism

Jody Miller talks to Gallivant Perfumes’ founder Nick Steward, who takes his customers on a worldwide journey through his company’s scents


Power plant

“New or improved” only scratches the surface of what attendees discovered, tasted, and talked about at the 2023 Natural Products Expo (a.k.a. Expo West), according to Elyse Glickman and Amanda Satterthwaite
Photographed by the authors
From issue 47 of


The beauty of Ere Pérez

Ere Pérez, the Mexican-Australian cosmetics visionary, remains at the forefront of ethical beauty. Jody Miller speaks with her


The truth about home facial devices

Two top doctors separate fact from fantasy, and offer their recommendations to Jody Miller
Photographed by Kroshka Nastya/Freepik


Playing the lavender field

Lavender is in again, and Elyse Glickman has a beauty selection that uses this calming plant that’s rich in antioxidants


Fixing the top five hair mistakes

Tukia Allen and Tatum Neill of Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute reveal the top five most common hair mistakes that they see as professional hairstylists, and include tips on how to correct them


Up close with the princess of pop

Pop go the acne myths: Jody Miller speaks with Dr Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr Pimple Popper, who bursts the bubble on acne, her favourite beauty hack, and why people can’t get enough of her videos


The brave nose

Jody Miller talks to Ernesto Collado, and finds out how the Spanish actor, writer and director returned to nature and an ancestral legacy to create Bravanariz


Adit all up

A beloved indie beauty product trade show scales down, reformulates, and gets focused, writes Elyse Glickman
Photographed by the author


You’ll Flip for Koa Life

Koa Life has débuted on the Flip app, with a natural, 100 per cent vegan skin care range free of all harsh chemicals


Luminous glow

Lola Cristall reviews this season’s latest luxury beauty indulgences, for healthy skin and hair


Inside influence

How to win followers and influence people: marketing executive and podcast host Stephanie O’Quigley gives Jody Miller some no-nonsense advice for aspiring brands and influencers


Finding beauty

Jody Miller looks at the good work done by Look Good Feel Better for those with cancer diagnoses, and talks to its executive director, Louanne Roark


For hair, subtle is best

Subtle hair makes a bold statement this autumn—Laurent Saint-Cricq explains why to Elyse Glickman


Coming clean with Shama Patel

The founder of one of the fastest-growing facial franchises gives the low-down to Jody Miller on a debt-free business model and what every female entrepreneur should know


Reimagining professional skin care

Jody Miller talks with Image Skincare CEO Janna Ronert, whose company grew from a home-based beauty business to one of the most respected—after Ronert found professional products too harsh and embarked on creating her own


Wild, wild (Expo) West

After a pause due to the pandemic, Expo West returns with new trends in beauty and health, writes Elyse Glickman
Event photographs by the author
From issue 45 of
Lucire and the May 2022 issue of Lucire KSA


Studio Sashiko: the fine strokes of restorative tattooing

Elyse Glickman and Jody Miller visit Studio Sashiko as founders Shaughnessy and Kyle Otsuji open a Los Angeles location, bringing their skills in microblading and other restorative techniques Stateside




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