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Luminous glow

BEAUTY Lola Cristall reviews this season’s latest luxury beauty indulgences, for healthy skin and hair




There is a whiff of class, a touch of luxury and a look of sophistication lingering through the highly acclaimed Swiss spa and beauty brand, La Maison Valmont (

Recently, La Maison Valmont opened their first US-based flagship boutique at the celebrated Carlyle Hotel in New York City for guests to immerse themselves in a complete, glamorous escape within a sophisticated and iconic New York City setting.

This season, a beautifully lavish Valmont line will be launching. The V-Firm collection rejuvenates, revives and replenishes the skin, restoring its firmness, and preventing potential sagging and unwanted lines.

Relying on developing the skin’s vigour, resistance and robust appeal, the V-Firm treatment is key for a youthful and striking glow. The tingling sensation from deep within the epidermis makes way for a glowing and shimmering shine. The collection consists of three distinct products that tone and sculpt the skin for a renewed texture: the serum, eye gel and cream work thoroughly within the pores to unveil an alluring glow.

La Maison Valmont’s dedicated founder, Sophie Vann Guillon, is a master at her craft as she formulates exclusive products that tackle a slew of skin issues. The elegant packaging is also suitable for travellers opting for a facial workout on the go.


Valmont’s Luminosity line and its Just Bloom fragrance.


For those keen on natural products, La Maison Valmont has also launched a plant-based line, Luminosity. The four products within the collection promote shimmering and healthy skin based on science, utilizing natural components. Start with the LumiPeel to exfoliate, continue with the LumiMask for a delightful face peel, then reach for the LumiSence to refine, before applying the LumiCream to enhance and lock in a moisturized and hydrated radiance for a long-lasting facial glow.

The Luminosity collection comprises of a variety of all-natural components including white mulberry as well as Swiss phyto-complex organically sourced at high altitudes surrounded by clean and crisp air, as well as freshly unprocessed water. Other plant-based elements include papaya extract, prickly pear, fruit enzyme and ginseng for an extra boost of vitality.

La Maison Valmont is also celebrated for a stunning range of fragrances. Valmont’s most recent scent, Just Bloom, is a touch of summer sunshine bliss in a bottle. From the Collezione Private Collection, the sensationally subtle and refreshing aroma is a luring bouquet composed of lily of the valley, gardenia as well as ambergris coming together to create a trail of splendour and captivating allure.


Éminence Organic Skincare ( has launched a range of products that are gentle to the touch yet naturally active on the skin. Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Hydrator and Strawberry Rhubarb Hyaluronic Body Lotion hydrate and replenish the skin. Strawberry naturally contains salicylic acid to exfoliate as well as vitamin C for a glowing appearance, while rhubarb, an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient, induces healthy elasticity while rejuvenating collagen. For a natural alternative to hyaluronic acid, marshmallow root extract is included to further hydrate and tone the skin while also applying anti-inflammatory elements.



For a completely new brand in the skin care industry, Olos ( lives up to the meaning of a natural and healthy skin care routine. The Micellar Water serves as a toner, make-up remover as well as a deep cleanser while the Youth-Enhancing Revitalizing toner is a lotion that aims to leave skin radiating and refreshing. Olos utilizes clean ingredients that are true to the body and environment.

Phyto (, a word that is also defined as ‘relating to plants’, certainly lives up to its name. Invented by Patrick Alès, a celebrity hairdresser, in the 1960s, the brand attracted a long list of internationally acclaimed and fashionable clients including Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Its Phytodefrisant anti-frizz line, which includes balm, shampoo and touch-up care, intends to naturally smooth and protect hair from unwanted humidity. With ingredients composed of quinoa proteins, kukui oil, mallow extraction, alœ vera, vectorized red seaweed and guar gum, the overall composition of each product is rich with omega 3, 6 as well as 9 and naturally potent proteins. For a hairspray that is sure to last, the Phytolaque Soie is gentle on one’s mane while giving it a healthy and natural shine. The nourishing formula leaves a silky-smooth finish as the capillary fibres are well protected for a lavish glow. For a more voluminous look with a consistent, silky touch, the Phytovolume Blow-Dry Spray leaves hair looking fabulously full with soft texture and body.

The full Phyto line offers options for a range of hair styles, from frizzy, wavy and straight, to an array of lengths from short to long. The sulphate-free, vegan, silicone-free, paraben-free and gluten-free hair care brand offers solutions to tackle even the harshest hair conditions.

Many reputable salons gear more toward Phyto products for their clients to rely on, including Salon AKS ( on New York’s Fifth Avenue in Midtown East. The highly trained and devoted staff focus on reviving the hair for an attractive, appealing appearance. As Phyto products are delicately massaged into the scalp, they replenish and restore the hair from deep within. •


Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.






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