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Stadler Form’s Q fan is a delightfully modernist design that looks good in any home

Spring: clean

LIVING Lola Cristall looks at several stylish and practical items that will look good in any home this northern spring, or southern autumn




Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

Top: Stadler Form’s Paul tower heater. Centre and above: The Robert humidifier and air purifier.


Stadler Form’s beautifully composed pieces are more than simply technologically advanced systems designed to appeal to the eye, they are also made to do their job right. Over the years, Stadler Form, founded by Martin Stadler in Zug, Switzerland in the late 1990s, continues to develop appliances that are useful, sophisticated and highly effective. The Robert humidifier and air purifier aims to humidify and purify homes. It is perfect for small or large rooms, working to clean and filter out dirty particles in the air. The Paul tower heater is just as powerful and simple to operate. A cold environment quickly warms up with a touch of a button. Heat is evenly spread out, generating a cozy ambiance. Thanks to Paul’s ‘splashproof’ quality, it can be placed in any environment, including the bathroom. During warmer weather, Paul shifts from a handy heater to a cool ventilator.

Stadler Form’s art-déco Q fan looks gorgeous in any part of the home. Designed by famous designer Carlo Borer, the fan is shaped in the form of a letter Q. While it’s a considerably quiet fan, don’t be fooled: those three blades have plenty of power. Whether in a simple silver or a bold bronze, it adapts well to most interiors. Weighing as light as 4 kg (slightly less than 9 lb), the fan comes with three distinct speed levels.

The DrinkMate Beverage Carbonator is one of the pioneers of at-home carbonation. Almost any drink can be transformed into a sparkly beverage. Sip it on the go or concoct innovative bubbly cocktails. Even water is made less tedious, more enjoyable. With three colours to choose from (red, black or white), they will look elegant on any counter top.

Meanwhile, featured at Kari Feinstein’s Style Lounge, the Petcube is a trendy addition where owners can keep an eye on their pet, even entertaining them when absent. The original Petcube camera gives a sense of security; Petcube Bites is a unit, also with a camera, that feeds pets, allowing you to train them remotely. The Petcube Play’s built-in laser toy is fun, safe and easy to use, and it also has a camera built in and lets you talk to your pet. Owners can finally feel close to their pets from a distance. •





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