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Three Olives, one Halsey, and countless ways to express yourself

LIVING Elyse Glickman heads to Coachella with Three Olives on its own psychedelic-liveried bus, with singer Halsey as VIP on the road trip
Photographed by the author




Elyse Glickman is US West Coast Editor of Lucire.


Above: The author, as styled by Lydia Santangelo.

The ‘Magic Bus’ is no longer just a relic that The Who brought to us a half-century ago. In the hands of the crew at Three Olives, it became the ultimate ride to Coachella, recognized worldwide as the definitive concert, art and fashion destination. While the concert tour bus–discothèque hybrid was dressed in a flurry of psychedelic colours devised by Van Orton Design, it featured a literal taste of the annual festival, with a performance by Chicago-based DJ and violinist Kat V and Ron Bass, whose biker jacket canvas is featured in new adverts for the brand.

As road trips are a natural offshoot of the summer concert-going experience, with diehard fans crossing the country to get to the show, Tio’s Tacos in Riverside (about midway to the Palm Springs–Indio area) was the perfect lunch stop. What makes this traditional Mexican restaurant different—and very rock ’n’ roll—is its outdoor “museum” of sculptures created from bottles and reclaimed, repurposed discards. The décor provided a perfect backdrop for a vibrant bar of agua fresca cocktails made with seasonal fruits and several Three Olives fruit flavours, including the new Watermelon and Cucumber-Lime varieties.

The recently opened Saguaro Hotel near the heart of Palm Springs was the final stop. Inside the candy-coloured oasis, media could have a “Coachella” look put together by New York stylist Lydia Santangelo in the Three Olives Thrift Shop, and sample popsicle cocktails and a few other libations. One was put together by singer Halsey, who embraces the global spirit shared by Coachella and Three Olives. Fountain Kingdom, named after her second album, incorporates the new cucumber-lime flavour with fresh herbs and citrus.

‘I knew I wanted to be a part of Three Olive’s Find Otherness campaign right away,’ said Halsey, who noted a friend of hers in the spirits’ industry brought the Coachella campaign to her attention. She found the messages of diversity, individuality and everything else making up “otherness” struck a chord. She pointed out that the idea that as people of different backgrounds come to Coachella celebrated the same values, the message should resonate beyond the weekend festival.

Find Otherness, to me, is about celebrating the diversity and nuances of the people around you,’ she continued. ‘It’s a friendly, open mentality that takes on a more political meaning when we consider the times. To celebrate otherness is not about saying everybody’s the same, but rather recognizing and appreciating the fact that everybody is different. Finding common ground with people from different economic or ethnic backgrounds, with disabilities or unique qualities is what makes what Three Olives is doing relevant. I only work with brands that I like, especially when those brands project a message I truly believe in and reflect in my work.’ •






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