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Eye-lifting Guerlain’s Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech serum provides a luxurious eye treatment


Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

What they’ll envy in ’16

Lola Cristall looks at the latest offerings in beauty and lifestyle as she attends launches at New York Fashion Week and other events


Guerlain innovation creates an eye-opener

As revealed in issue 34 of Lucire, Guerlain, the French perfume house, takes centre-stage when it comes to its extensive line of beauty treatments. Guerlain welcomed invitees to its spa at the prestigious Waldorf–Astoria in New York to learn more about Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech. The treatment focuses on obtaining maximum effects in the eye contours, working on decreasing puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles, with the overall results giving the wearer an eye-opening effect. The Abeille Royale Gold Eyetech serum is infused with honey to promote skin stimulation and assure supreme results. The applicator, a 22 ct nozzle, exudes a cooling sensation on the skin. The massaging technique administered around each eye, devised by the experts at the Guerlain Institute, is intended to rejuvenate, regenerate and repair. The result: the eye contour looks smoother, there’s a reduction in dark circles and puffiness, the eyelids appear lifted and the eyes seem wider.

The Japanese tea ceremony reinvented for the 21st century

Sharp invited a few select guests to enter the savoury world of tea in New York at Zuma restaurant to learn more about Tea-Ceré, a tastefully multi-equipped compact machine. The traditional technique of a Japanese tea ceremony typically takes time, patience and utmost attention ensuring that each component is perfect. In order to keep up with one’s busy schedule, while sustaining the original taste of matcha green tea, Sharp devised, with some of Japan’s leading experts, a phenomenal idea for aficionados to enjoy the freshness of hot teas and mouthwatering lattes. Tea leaves are grounded into a fine powder, as is traditional, before it is brewed and whisked according to one’s preferences. Matcha has a gratifyingly delectable taste and can be added to salty or sweet foods and drinks, as well as sauces, cookies, cakes and cocktails.

GBK’s luxury gift and style lounge

GBK partnered with Pilot Pen for its luxury gift and style lounge during New York Fashion Week. The two-day event introduced attendees to top brands, presenting a myriad of products. Pilot Pen’s stylish, high-end writing instruments demonstrate precision, quality and state-of-the-art technology, while showing off that it had its finger on the pulse of fashion with a collaboration with Nicholas K, who created outfits inspired by Pilot’s Frixion Clicker pen (above). LifeCell (right and below) presented its collection of anti-ageing treatments made with top ingredients, targeting the skin for a shimmering effect. From facial treatments to beauty products, Peeks Cosmetics unveiled its high-end line of lipsticks, eye-shadows and nail shiners. Cynthia Gale New York acquainted guests with an abundance of lavish jewellery that highlighted haute glamour, carefully crafted from sterling silver. Invitees checked out Canada Bliss Hats and Accessories, which included beautifully hand-made winter hats for a flawless look (below). Gourmesso exhibited its coffee capsules exclusively for Nespresso machines, presenting 20 delicate espresso blends for an enticingly decadent taste. Ike’s Place talked about its award-winning food compilations, ranging from vegetarian to meat sandwiches. For a sweet boost, Maven Cocktails introduced its delectable wine-infused vodka cocktail. The luxuriantly spacious atmosphere was also dedicated to charities including, who introduced its website, designed to provide aid to children suffering from attention and learning disorders. Youth Villages also looks out for the betterment of children’s needs, focusing on helping children live through emotional and behavioural stress issues.

Panasonic Beauty Bar
Panasonic Beauty Bar was back for New York Fashion Week in an intimate, luxurious setting at the Arrojo Salon. Pandora’s jewellery collection was on display, as well as a number of Panasonic’s electrical beauty appliances. Panasonic’s 3-in-1 cleansing facial tool that uses gentle heat and micro-foaming technology to help reveal more glowing skin. The upbeat atmosphere featured other gadgets and accessories, as well as food and beverages, including the Owl’s Brew, a satisfying range of tea cocktails, adding an explosion of flavour to the mix with the use of fruit juices.

Alyson Dutch’s Right Coast Holiday Gift Guide

Alyson Dutch returned to the east coast with her Right Coast Holiday Gift Guide at Morton’s Steakhouse. Diamond Veneer’s high-end-looking jewellery uses the effects of real diamonds for a glimmering look in earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Teavana, a boutique and exclusive tea brand with products available online as well as across the US and Canada, is known for its wide range of tea blends. Tervis Tumblers, founded in 1946, conserves drinks at the desired temperature, whether cold or hot. My M&Ms gives a personalized touch to one’s sweet tooth with messages and artistic creations that you can apply to the sweets. The Artisan Group came back to introduce elegant, hand-made art and stationery. The long list of participants included Designs by Diane, Gardens of the Sun, BBT Style, Paper and Place, Ellen B. Keepsakes, Rosy Toes Designs, and House of Matriarch. •





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