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Elle Macpherson adds a c for coolElle Macpherson adds a c for cool

Supermodel Elle Macpherson may have attended the Jaguar XJ launch, but in real life she’s a fan of the Fiat 500—and its latest variant, the convertible 500C


LAST YEAR, Lucire announced that the Fiat 500 was its Car to Be Seen in—the accolade we give to the vehicle that we think is most stylish for readers, and the one that best represents the mood of the year.

Supermodel Elle Macpherson must have been thinking along the same lines, and has one as her personal transport. And British women also voted the Fiat 500 their sexiest car last year.

As a Fiat 500 customer, Macpherson was more than happy to help trial the convertible version of the car, called the 500C, which Lucire showcased at the beginning of July.

Macpherson did this shoot around the time of the Jaguar XJ launch, which Lucire featured with a world exclusive image earlier this month. She was present at that launch, but it would have been overkill to run two automotive stories with the same supermodel within one or two days of each other. As it happened, Fiat UK only released these images on July 15.

The company says that Macpherson ‘promptly fell in love with the one that was loaned to her,’ while its marketing director, Elena Bernardelli, says she looks forward to seeing the Australian supermodel in one.

The Fiat 500C recalls earlier convertible versions of the nuova 500, which was built in various forms from 1957 to 1977. The latest incarnation of the 500 was launched in 2007, and the model is built exclusively at Fiat’s plant in Tychy, Poland.

The car is sold in numerous countries and will hit the US market for the 2011 model year, after production is readied in Toluca, México. British road tests rate the fuel economy at around 45 mpg.

The 500C is priced at £11,300 on the road in the UK. •


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