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Open-top Fiat 500C hits the streets for summer


July 4, 2009/17.56

Fiat 500C

In time for the summer, the Fiat 500C—Lucire’s Car to Be Seen in for 2008—has just gone on sale in the UK. The new model keeps the overall appearance of the original hatchback but features a power-operated, roll-back canvas roof, in a homage to the 1957 model.
   Plus sides, says Fiat, include the fact that the 500C can be used year-round and is less of a seasonal product, and that there are better acoustics in the new model thanks to a reduction in turbulence.
   We also note another plus: a claimed 55 mpg (Imperial) and carbon dioxide emissions of 119 g/km. The available engines are detailed at Autocade.

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