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German fashion highlights: Lüllepop’s latex magic, Afew Goods’ 15th anniversary

Latex fashion can be stylish, and it’s a renewable resource, stresses Berlin label Lüllepop, while Afew Goods celebrates its 15th anniversary with a new take on its classic shoe silhouette
December 24, 2023/10.56

As we conclude 2023 there are some designers we didn’t get a chance to feature more prominently—but we may do in 2024.

Berlin designer Cathleen Reinheckel does some impressive work with latex, blending it with other fabrics for some wonderful effects under her brand name Lüllepop. The company stresses that as latex is from the rubber tree, it is a renewable resource, and its extraction is done ecologically by hand. The latex is free of solvents, CFCs and carcinogenic chemical plasticizers.


We spotted one outfit where she’s combined latex with chiffon, and she’s worked similar magic with lace (for a lingerie range). Where she uses latex exclusively, the results are amazing, such as with her slip-over featuring a cable-knit pattern on the front.

Lüllepop also has a range of laser-cut earrings using latex and silver with a contemporary, triangular shape.

Find out more about Lüllepop at

Staying in Germany, Afew Goods celebrated its 15th anniversary earlier in December and commemorated it with its Yamasura Evolve 15th Anniversary shoe, limited to 150 pairs. The shoes, with the classic silhouette, are made in Portugal from recycled materials, with a mud–black colour scheme, and come with three pairs of laces per pair. Price is €209,99, available at

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