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Switzerland’s fashion, beauty and women’s interest magazine and once one of our ‘Editor’s picks’. It’s been through numerous incarnations: as a cutting-edge website, a portal one year, a subscription site for the print edition with archives (login required), and back to being a regular website with browseable content. In German (re-reviewed 2/21)




Beauty Matters
An intelligently written, blog-driven site examining the nature of beauty


One of our favourite UK magazines, dubbed ‘the little black book for the City’. Intelligently written and edited (2/23)




Caviar & Cashmere
Blog detailing the latest in luxury products, including online store (3/11; 1/14)


Claudia Brasil
For the modern independent woman. Claudia’s Brazilian edition has items on fashion, news, relationships and home since it turned into a portal folded into the UOL domain (like a Ministry of Web Sites!). In Portuguese


CosmopolitanCosmopolitan Deutschland
The German counterpart to the well-known magazine. If you can read the language, you’ll find this site to be more cohesive than its American sister, with better design and useful content




Dealing with in-depth issues in politics, culture, and science (10/23)


Destination Luxury
Online magazine covering luxury brands and exclusive locales, with delicious photography and video






Elle animation Elle
The French women’s lifestyle and fashion magazine, founded in 1945


Elle Korea
These are such brilliant folks. We’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Hachette’s Korean outpost at Elle and found that they are people who keep their word—as well as putting together a fine title. Online, it’s updated regularly, though the cover can be a bit commercial for western eyes. In Korean


Elle Sverige
Sweden’s edition is one of the better ones, thanks largely to Hachette’s investment in online media in that country. Very faithful stylistically to the print edition—right down to the extra-light custom version of Futura—without subscription demands getting in the way. Clean, capitalizing on the knowledge from Hachette’s men’s magazine, Magazine Café


Elle Taiwan
Chinese-language edition of Elle. From what we can tell, the content is shared with the Hong Kong and mainland Chinese online editions of Elle (one China, three Elles), the latter with the simplified character set. Useful content, reviews


Esquire Esquire
Positioned as a gentlemen's magazine with more of an emphasis on lifestyle and current events.




Fashion Worlds
Blog-driven site focusing on fashion designers, their histories and their influences
Formerly Fashion Navigator and a.k.a. Fashion Office, in English and German, covers the Austrian fashion and style scene. Marks for comprehensiveness


An English and Spanish site with in-depth features and interviews on the fashion and accessories scene


One of the best fashion blogs out there, based in New York



Excellent Japanese fashion website with catwalk coverage, street style and trends (4/21)


A fun blog with catwalk reports and accessories. Last entry in July 2015 (re-reviewed 2/21)


The Femin
Fashion, beauty and lifestyle content from the publishers of Hong Kong’s A Day Magazine (4/21)


Florum Fashion Magazine
Great, natural shoots from this San Francisco-based online magazine, focusing on sustainable fashion (10/23)




The Gloss
A large-format monthly glossy founded in 2006, later distributed with The Irish Times. The web edition follows the print edition’s æsthetic, and has well written features (2/21)




Harper's Bazaar Harper’s Bazaar

Founded in 1867—pre-dating Vogue—this US title has had quite the history as it charted the course of fashion through the years. Its heritage included the art direction of Alexey Brodovitch (from 1934 to 1958), which still influences it today, while its web presence has grown substantially since we last reviewed it in these pages in 2001. Plenty to dive into for an insight into current US culture and fashion (re-reviewed 10/21)




In Style In Style
Tapping in to our fascination with fashion and fame, In Style invites you to meet celebrities at home to see how they express themselves in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.






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Our hand-picked directory of fashion trade and education links




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