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Links on modelling, lifestyle and fashion that we’ve been gathering at Lucire since we started in 1997 (with the occasional check for validity—please message us if you spot any dead links)




The Academy of Fashion Arts and Sciences is the successor to, the pioneering fashion site that went online in the 1990s. It plans to redefine fashion awards with its two-hour telecast (10/23)


Authentically You

Highly recommended by us: Authentically You is a life and career coaching agency based in Wellington, New Zealand that works with people wanting to make positive changes in their lives, with an evidence-based approach (6/23)


Dessous Brands
German information site on lingerie, underwear, nightwear and swimwear brands (10/23)


Fabric Link
Fabric Link’s mission is to provide retailers and consumers with education on fabrics—something which it does well with this content-rich site


Fashion Diary
A cute and beautifully done site detailing fashion-related information from photographers and make-up artists to magazines and modelling agencies. The concept is a virtual diary. Shows that even in the new millennium you don’t always need Flash to produce something that is browseable and neat


Fashion TV OceaniaFashion TV
We’ve known Michel Adam, the founder of Fashion TV, since the 1990s. Here’s the official site of the original fashion television channel
Where we chose to be on the fediverse: is a Mastodon server for fashion and luxury. Interact with like-minded netizens on fashion and the fashion trade (1/23)


Groove FM
Our favourite Wellington, New Zealand radio station, playing jazz, acid jazz, lounge, swing and other real music


Our favourite radio station in northern California, broadcasting jazz, 24 hours a day. Member-supported, so no ads. Make a pledge here


Kirsty Bunny Management
Kirsty Bunny Management is a New Zealand-based modelling, acting and talent agency (4/15)


Michael Hooker International
A well respected agency, assisting model agencies in New Zealand to get their talent abroad, founded by Michael Hooker and Hodi Poorsoltan (4/15)


Next Model Management

Redesigned for 2001 with full Flash functionality, a comprehensive agency site


Paparazzi Model Management
Helsinki-based model agency with a wide selection of professional models and tidily designed individual portfolios
A comprehensive site with fashion links, chat, biographies, photo galleries, news and everything involving supermodels. It’s not limited to the established models: there’s a section devoted to up-and-coming talent, too


Vintage Fashion Guild
Founded by several vintage fashion retailers, this site seeks to educate—and show that vintage isn’t just for Hollywood stars who stumble upon it




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