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Lucire 2012
Colour at the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs exhibition.

Face to face, with Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs

Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have been brought together under one roof at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Lola Saab takes in the latest exhibition



Lucire readers may recall an article in 2010, about a deep and insightful look at Louis Vuitton and the brand’s famous travel trunks, that took place at the Musée Carnavalet in Paris. As we fast forward to 2012, another exhibition of a similar genre is back in Paris but, this time, Louis Vuitton is not the only one under the spotlight. The famous French designer shares the stage with the works of Marc Jacobs, an artist many of us look forward to and follow season after season.

As soon as Paris Fashion Week came to an end, the Louis Vuitton–Marc Jacobs exhibition was just beginning. Taking place at Les Arts Décoratifs from March 9 to September 16, 2012, visitors are invited to step into a historical page in fashion’s history, bringing together two influential fashion icons. The curator of the exhibition, Pamela Golbin (who we had the pleasure to interview in the past), brings to light historical as well as modern appeal. The exhibition demonstrates to what extent both designers contributed to the world of fashion.

Louis Vuitton founded his brand in 1854 and Marc Jacobs became its artistic director in 1997. With more than a century apart, they both provided the industry with similar features, bringing forth important fashion attributes together including elegance, style and graciousness with shimmering works of art.

The exhibition is divided into two floors. When one enters the first floor, one is welcomed by Louis Vuitton trunks as well as the museum’s nineteenth-century fashion and accessory collection. As one walks up to the second floor, one enters Marc Jacobs’ world of wonder with many modern pieces, providing representations of his designs from the last 15 years of his career.

Each designer portrays a flamboyant fashion flair appropriate for his time. They made trends and elaborated on style. Jacobs certainly included more colours and slightly daring features to his collections. He provided the busy woman with practical handbags that are made to do more than store one’s belongings but are also designed to catch the eye. Jacobs simply took the traditional LV woman and jazzed her up a bit, through stylish ensembles and classy accessories.

Although Vuitton and Jacobs have differences that define them as individual designers under one brand, there are also similar features that bring them together side by side under one roof. They sustain the magic in fashion year after year as people desire for more, making Louis Vuitton not only an internationally recognized label, but an appreciated work of art. •


Jacobs took the traditional LV woman and jazzed her up a bit, through stylish ensembles and classy accessories





Lola Saab is Paris editor of Lucire.



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