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Tamara Ecclestone, PETA's right formulaTamara Ecclestone, PETA's right formula


Tamara Eccleston for PETA, in Lucire

Tamara Ecclestone, the socialite daughter of the Formula One boss, is the latest celebrity to pose virtually naked for PETA’s anti-fur campaign
photographed by Karl Grant
hair and make-up by Britta D/Carol Hayes Management



TAMARA ECCLESTONE, the daughter of Formula One motor racing boss Bernie Ecclestone and his wife, former model Slavica Radić, is the latest celebrity in PETA’s long-running I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur campaign, following in the footsteps of Naomi Campbell, Pamela Anderson and, most recently covered in Lucire, Eva Mendes. Her campaign is targeted at the British market, for PETA UK.

Ecclestone, 23, is mostly known in the UK, principally for her TV-presenting roles on Channel 4 and Sky Sports. She also frequently appears in the British society pages.

According to a PETA UK statement, Ecclestone said, ‘I just think it’s terrible to harm living animals all in the name of vanity. I think it’s completely unnecessary, and I think that once you’ve seen the ways in which lots of these animals are killed and how brutal and grotesque and unnecessary it is, I think that people would automatically choose not to wear fur.’

She is not the first British celebrity to appear in a PETA campaign: many of her fellow Britons who have posed who are less known in the US include Amanda Holden and Shilpa Shetty.


Lucire is proud to be a fashion magazine recognized by PETA for its efforts against the fur trade. 


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