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Keeping it in the family

LIVING In a world of multinational corporations, Mauviel 1830 remains a family-owned firm producing quality cookware, writes Lola Cristall




Quality: Mauviel, since 1830

Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.


A chef’s most prized possessions might arguably be their chosen cookware. While many brands base their construction on convenience, others focus on design and creativeness. In 1830, in the beautiful Normandie village of Villadieu-les-Poêles, also known as the city of copper, Ernest Mauviel launched a brand that would soon be recognized as the epitome of luxury. Whether living in France or abroad, Mauviel 1830 is recognized: from Julia Child to Jacques Pépin, Mauviel has been in the hands of the most successful and renowned chefs around the world.

It has been an inspirational family-owned brand for the past seven generations and continues to lure kitchen fans as well as prominent chefs. Using the best in quality materials from stainless steel and aluminum to bronze and copper, the æsthetics are a treat for the eyes. The most intricate workmanship ensures detailed designs, beauty and craft.

The current president, Valérie Le Guern Gilbert, launched a school of craftsmanship in manufacturing in November 2017, ensuring that a new generation would acquire the workmanship, extensive expertise and know-how. Based between the school and the factory, students are trained by a former Mauviel coppersmith who is dedicated to sharing the tools and necessary techniques in the field. The school is just the tip of the iceberg: the heart of the factory in Normandie will soon welcome a private restaurant, a showroom as well as a kitchen workshop. Le Guern Gilbert’s dedication and commitment to conserving her family’s tradition, since she rose to the position as head of the company in 2006, is reflected amongst the up-and-coming activities and Mauviel’s international expansion.

While it is considerably difficult to point out specific pieces of interest amongst an endless list of gorgeous offerings, the M’150c2 copper and stainless steel rondeau and lid make for an appropriate size to cook almost anything, including rice and other starches.

The M’150s copper and stainless steel Bain Marie is more than an attractive piece, ensuring that the desired ingredients are melted in heavy porcelain as it heats over hot water in a copper pot. The method is ideal for chocolate or any other delicate ingredient, like custard, to prevent burning. It can also be kept warm until ready to be served for a tastier delight.

The M’tradition Pommes Anna pan, in copper, is not only stunning, it is also a perfect piece to prepare a typical French creation made from thinly sliced potatoes, beautifully layered with a generous portion of melted butter. Fresh ingredients are perfectly cooked.

Since copper is a high-quality material that ensures that heat is evenly distributed throughout, the copper Paella pan is also a lavish piece to flaunt, and prepare a family-size portion of paella with rice, seafood and meat products. Each ingredient is well cooked, releasing the heat throughout every piece contained within. Requiring only a low flame, copper glistens and shines, but it does need to be thoroughly maintained like any high-jewellery piece.

The spectacular copper fondue pot, which also comes with an elegant stand, is a remarkable piece of art that brings to life a typical, European-inspired communal dish. The piece stands out, one which one can look at or show off amongst a small group of family and friends. As the fondue set stands on a heat-resistant surface, users can choose to dip bite-size fresh fruits into appetizing lightly heated chocolate or, for a more savoury treat, vegetables into melted cheese. The set also comes with six fondue forks with wooden handles.

More than a century later, Mauviel continues to embrace the concept of alluring charm, from the touch to the looks that majestically come to life. Mauviel has tapped into the social media world on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, reaching out to an international audience. •


Continuing a tradition: Mauviel remains a family-owned firm





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