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Year of the ox

LIVING Top-of-the-line watches complement a very exclusive Lamborghini supercar in this month’s luxury round-up





Happy New Year
To commemorate the lunar New Year on February 12, Arnold & Son has produced a limited edition of eight timepieces, the Perpetual Moon Year of the Ox.

The Perpetual Moon moon-phases model has been decorated with a buffalo, symbolizing ‘appeasement, dialogue and soil fertility,’ says the company.

The moon that appears on the watch’s face is crafted in mother of pearl, with hand-painted shadows and coated in Super-LumiNova. The dial has been made of laminated haematite, its silvery flakes replicated on the strap which features a veritable platinum thread.

The buffalo is sculpted in gold, with the pagodas in the scene hand-painted with gold powder. The pagodas’ windows are in Super-LumiNova.

The watch’s A&S1512 calibre was created in-house at La Chaux-de-Fonds, and has a 90-hour power reserve.

The moon phase display will remain accurate for 122 years before it deviates by a day from the appearance of the moon in the night sky.

The Perpetual Moon Year of the Ox retails at SFr.49,900.


Light and energetic
Angelus has tapped Spanish–Swiss freestyle skier Thibault Magnin as its latest spokesperson.

Magnin wears a U41 tourbillon as part of the promotion. Angelus sees his qualities matching the brand’s ‘lightness, sophistication and energy’.

Magnin grew up at the Fribourg Prealps and learned to ski at a young age. He is also a talented surfer and kitsurfer, and incorporates those disciplines into his freestyle skiing. ‘Innovating is not just about more rotations or greater technical skill,’ he says, ‘it’s also about inventing different figures that have style. I found the same idea at Angelus.’

The U41 tourbillon, available in blue and orange, retails for SFr.31,700 plus VAT.


Light and powerful
How fitting that we have a news item from a company whose symbol is the bull—the Chinese zodiac sign might commonly be translated to ox, but it encompasses charging bulls, too. Two of the three Lamborghini Siáns destined for the UK have been delivered to their customers by Lamborghini London, operated by luxury car retailer H. R. Owen. The three form part of the total production of 63 from Sant’Agata.

The hybrid supercars—they combine a 6·5 V12 with a 48 V electric motor (developing 819 PS)—hit 100 km/h in 2·8 s, with a top speed of over 350 km/h.

The Sián has a carbonfibre monocoque, titanium intake valves, active aerodynamics and rear-wheel steering.

Instead of lithium-ion batteries, it has a lightweight (34 kg) supercapacitor that is charged when the car brakes.

Each car has been personalized by its customer. •





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