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Panos Emporio: a glimpse of summer 2008Panos Emporio: a glimpse of summer 2008



In an exclusive preview, Lucire looks at the summer 2008 collection from leading Swedish beachwear label Panos Emporio


WHEN Lucire first interviewed Panos, the man behind Göteborg-based label Panos Emporio, in 2000, we knew the sociology grad-turned-beachwear designer was on to something. Through the 1990s, Panos Emporio had built itself up using high-profile models in its native Sweden (though Panos himself is Greek), but in the 21st century, the company has kept itself in the news through diversification (adding new lines such as Poison by Panos, playing the stock market and the purchase of the Fröken Sverige or Miss Sweden pageant) as well as a little controversy (asking drag queen Rickard Engfors to model a collection).

For summer 2008, which Lucire previews here exclusively with Panos’s blessing, the designer is continuing his line of sexy swimwear, focusing on quality and design rather than celebrity. After all, Panos himself has become a celebrity unto himself: earlier this year, ABC TV in the United States even devoted a news segment to him and the pageant.

In line with current trends, there is more by way of metallics (gold) in the Unlimited Love range, with its almost-party-wear feel; reds are prevalent, while floral prints appear with green, yellow and orange shades. Poison by Panos continues a dark feel, with skull and chessboard prints.

The 2008 collection celebrates the freedom of women, according to Panos and continues his traditional lines along with the premium Alaghí, Poison by Panos and Unlimited Love. A menswear line also continues, but accessories play a smaller part. •


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