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Sugarluxe's high glossSugarluxe's high gloss

Chandra Michaels, the artist behind hot luxury brand Sugarluxe held a trunk show at Austin’s beautiful Blanton Museum of Art. The artist and her team were on hand to greet fans and answer questions by M. K. Johnson


Chandra Michaels’ expressive art features strongly on designer belt buckles, leather belts, mirror compacts, card cases, valet keys and other accessories

CHANDRA MICHAELS super-hot Sugarluxe, America’s Sweet Art range of belt buckles and other accessories have been generating media buzz not just in Texas, but across the nation. Of course these aren’t “sit on your vanity and be admired” sort of accessories. Sugarluxe belt buckles, valet key rings, card cases and compacts are sturdy and made to be used. They hold up beautifully day after of wear. (I should know, I’m terribly hard on anything that lives in my purse!)

Chandra Michaels is the image of her brand. She is a University of Texas graduate and a style darling in a town that loves fashion and free spirits. A talented artist and gifted fashionista, she’s also a savvy business women and knows what it takes to make a brand work. ‘Living in a city that is home to famous actors, legendary musicians, and of course, a computer powerhouse like Dell means that I come from a place that nurtures new talent and new technology. And I’m just so excited to be part of that!’ she says.

Michaels has felt the growing pains of a booming business and is in her third design studio in three years. All work is done in-house, in Austin, Texas. Her three hard working interns “set the stage” for the event and attested to the passion that goes into each work and each piece that leaves the studio. Lindsay Robinson (who is in her fourth semester as an intern for Sugarluxe), Kimberly Heine, and Elynna Garcia (both in their first internship semesters) are graduating seniors in public relations.

Michaels is very committed to making sure interns who enter her programme get real-world experience in building a brand from the ground up and taking their vision from the drawing board to the customers’ hands. Her commitment to the student experience will gain even more momentum from her partnership with Bed, Bath and Beyond this fall for their back-to-school dorm room accessories.


The artwork

Sugarluxe artwork has superflat inspired styling with such vibrant lines and luscious, candy-bright colours, they practically beg to be touched! Michaels achieves her extraordinary designs by starting first with sketches and paint, but then transferring that work onto the computer, creating a scalable graphic design (scalable vector graphic or SVG) that can be adapted to a multitude of products. The result is a stunning array of fashion forward and glamorous accessories that are both versatile and functional. Her high-gloss, glass-like belt buckles are the epitome of the trend—something as functional (and ubiquitous in Texas) as a belt buckle, turned into enchanting, wearable artwork.

As Sugarluxe commemorated its third anniversary on Valentine’s Day, the brand certainly has a lot to celebrate. Michaels was invited to début her line during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2005 and the buzz hasn’t let up for an instant since. Sugarluxe has its own coveted (No. 504) Painted Room at the Hotel des Arts, San Francisco. Chandra Michael’s highly distinctive works of art have been seen on MTV, Helio, Playboy, Allure, Spirit of the Brand vodka, Virgin, and Rare Magazine, T-Mobile's Sidekick ID, CMT, ColorWare, Brides, LA’s Daily Front Row magazine, Us Weekly, Fox News, AOL Hometown Hero, New Era Publishing, XLR8, Hollywood's Swagtime, Tribeza, among many others. •


M. K. Johnson served as Lucire’s first beauty editor and now corresponds from her base in Austin, Texas.


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