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Bettjemans' Hair Spa: time for a ritualBettjemans' Hair Spa: time for a ritual

A new salon in Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand, goes well beyond “getting your hair done”—Bettjemans aims to create a destination hair spa



‘Indulgence Rituals are the beginning of a new wave in hair care and we want to be riding at the crest of that wave,’ says Grant Bettjeman


GOING to a hair salon these days you hear an extra word: ritual. Kérastase has been, over the last year, training many salon staff certain rituals to help pamper customers, realizing that a visit to the hair salon should be a positive experience.

Indulgence Rituals, as the company calls them, are a specialized range of Kérastase in-salon treatments to treat your scalp and hair to enhance its natural beauty and cater to any concerns, in a relaxing, indulgent and luxurious environment.

The training is in application and relaxation, which includes massage, and can be experienced at a number of salons, such as Wellington, New Zealand’s Vanilla and Balliage.

In Auckland, Bettjemans’ Hair Spa, newly opened at 52 Coates Avenue, Orakei, takes a well known name in hairstyling and brings the Kérastase rituals to a new audience.

After 37 years in business, Phif and Grant Bettjeman (above) have created what they believe is the country’s first destination hair spa.

‘Indulgence Rituals are the beginning of a new wave in hair care and we want to be riding at the crest of that wave,’ says Grant Bettjeman.

The new salon is designed by Leuschke Group and features Philippe Starck-designed reclining leather chairs at the basins.

According to Kérastase, the Rituals’ procedure ‘begins with a stylist consultation to diagnose your scalp and hair needs and then a stylist technician follows with a sequence of five essential gestures (or steps). These include rebalancing, bathing, treating, revitalizing, texturizing and then sculpting your hair, using unique application and massage techniques designed exclusively by Kérastase.’

They do not come at an excessive price, with the Rituals beginning at NZ$32 at Bettjemans’ Hair Spa. •


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