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Hemispheric snapshotsHemispheric snapshots

Is there such a thing as a global Zeitgeist? Regardless of whether you are selling for winter or summer, there are always trend commonalities
H&M photographed by Peter Gehrke


Top, left and right column, bottom: H&M’s autumn–winter 2008–9 range. Above: Max Phoebe Dress (NZ$129) and Kimi wedge (NZ$139). Right column, top: Max Bloom Print Satin Dress (NZ$129).


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LUCIRE HAS always believed that in a connected world, there is little sense dividing between summer and winter when it comes to understanding international fashion trends.

And while the print editions always showcase beautiful shoots and new catwalk imagery, here’s a chance for us to check out what the mass-market retailers are putting into shops come August–September.

We’ve picked items from Hennes & Mauritz, the world’s largest retailer, HQed in Sweden, and Max’s New Zealand range—to find that while the layering and materials might differ, designers do tap in to the same moods regardless of hemisphere.

While the New Zealand-targeted press release focuses on the colourful aspect of Max’s spring line, those who are a bit more conservative about their choices will find that blues, blue–greys and greys a fitting solution. Her counterpart in the northern hemisphere equipping herself for a winter wardrobe will discover similar shades—with heavy, chunky wool knits.

And when it comes to colour, expect more of the floral prints that have been de rigueur in collections these past few seasons. Expect whites, blues and greens off-set with oranges and reds to be in for the season.

Even the silhouettes are similar worldwide, though we like Hennes & Mauritz’s baggier trousers and Chinese-inspired jacket—especially as China is very in the Zeitgeist with the Olympic Games in Beijing. •



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