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Lydia Hearst: living the old Hollywood pin-up girlLydia Hearst: living the old Hollywood pin-up girl

Lydia Hearst modelling Myla autumn–winter 2008–9 range

Lydia Hearst, daughter of Patty Hearst, has been chosen to be the face of UK lingerie brand Myla, giving what the company calls an ‘intelligent sexuality’
photographed by Ben Hassett and Terry Richardson


ALTHOUGH the media will be quick to point out that Lydia Hearst, the new model behind lingerie brand Myla, is the daughter of Patty Hearst—and some might even report that she is the great-granddaughter of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, we don’t think the 23-year-old would have got the gig if it had not been for her model’s figure plus her steady rise in the modelling industry. However, those connections may help Myla get more publicity than it otherwise would.

In 2007, Hearst had been named Model of the Year by the Michael Awards, a black-tie event benefiting the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. She has been steadily building her reputation through television and a column in the Murdoch Press’s New York Post.

The retro-themed autumn–winter 2008–9 collection for Myla shows the usual sumptuous satin and silks, but with inspiration from old Hollywood and the 1940s’ pin-up girl.

The company has spared no expense with its autumn collection, hiring Ben Hassett and Terry Richardson to shoot.

Myla creative director Franceska Luther says of Hearst, ‘She has an amazing dynamic energy. She perfectly represents the Myla women.’

The range hits shops Monday and can already be ordered through both the UK and US parts of Myla’s website.

With growing cultural interest in the 1970s—and an international mood similar to that of that generation—the choice of Lydia Hearst seems apt in terms of mass media coverage.

Patricia Hearst, Lydia’s mother, gained infamy after her kidnapping by a guerrilla group, the Symbionese Liberation Army, in 1974. A victim of brainwashing, Hearst joined her captors. While sentenced to a jail for her part in a robbery, her sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter two years later, and she was pardoned fully by President Bill Clinton in 2001.

Patty Hearst married her bodyguard, Lydia’s father, Bernard Shaw, in 1979. They are still married.

While Lydia uses the Hearst surname professionally, she is officially Lydia Hearst-Shaw. •


Additional reporting courtesy the Press Association.


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The retro-themed collection for Myla shows the usual sumptuous satin and silks, but with inspiration from old Hollywood and the 1940s’ pin-up girl

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