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Perrine at NYC’s Pierre Hotel: classically American

Sublime splendour: New York

VOLANTE Lola Cristall checks out dining options in New York in part two of our US travel special




Perrine food is as delectable to eat as it is to look at

Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

Perrine at the iconic Pierre Hotel embraces gourmet cuisine with decadent taste. Their delicious zucchini flatbread, prepared with house-made naan, delicious tomatoes, intense herbs, spicy chilies and parmesan, is a perfect way to start the meal. The black sea bass with seafood broth and fine herbs are a delightful mix. For a simple meal, we recommend the upstate farm roasted vegetables with herb dressing honey and chilies. Perrine’s selection of desserts are just as impeccable, from their citrus crème brûlée, warm chocolate cake with a pistachio nougat ice cream, and decadent cherry pie for two—every ingredient is fresh and perfectly presented. Executive chef Ashfer Biju and executive pastry chef Michael Mignano are artists who tell a scrumptious tale.

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Chef David Burke’s Tavern 62 is located on the Upper East Side and is a place for locals and tourists alike to enjoy a fulfilling and hearty American homestyle meal. Situated in a townhouse, the décor and comfortably homey presentation are fun-filled and creative. Specialities include “clothesline” candied bacon, Himalayan salt brick-aged steaks and barbecue bison short ribs. Other delicious creations vary from the wild mushroom cavatelli to roasted branzino with mouthwatering artichoke purée. Tavern 62’s sweet treats are as spectacular to enjoy as much as admire. Their blueberry and lemon meringue-baked Alaska, their delectable cheesecake lollipop tree and strawberry panna cotta are truly artistic creations.

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Above: Tavern 62’s iconic “clothesline” candied bacon.

Mikey Pozarik


For a more relaxed and casual dining experience, guests can turn to Minigrow, a nationally based hotspot with locations in Boston, New York and Chicago. Diners can choose from a variety of organic, wholesome and healthy seasonal options. Delicious bases include zucchini noodles, brown rice or simple baby spinach; fresh in-house-made dressings range from shiso walnut basil pesto to spicy miso garlic; and protein options include tofu, chicken or poached salmon. Each beautifully complements the desired sauce accompanied by an array of nutritious vegetables. Minigrow brings healthy, delicious and nourishing bowl-filled meals. •






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