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I-N Intelligent Beauty redefines conscious skin and body care

BEAUTY As the successors to the legacy that brought us Aveda, Kiran Stordalen and Nicole Rechelbacher are resolute in their commitment to advance the legacy of plant-powered beauty of which they were so fortunate to be an integral part, reports Jody Miller



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Above, from top: Nicole Rechelbacher and Kiran Stordalen. I-N’s Liquid Green body oil. Intelli-Seed, Intelli-Oil and Intelli-Plant sub-ranges give variety and efficacy.

In 1978, Horst Rechelbacher, late father to Nicole and long-time partner to Kiran, founded Aveda, the first beauty and wellness brand in the west to incorporate plant-derived Ayurvedic principles and formulations with an epicurean and sensorial customer experience. For decades Aveda was the only luxury beauty brand with namesake salons and spas to bring ancient wellness rituals and an eco-conscious sensibility to a discerning consumer seeking an alternative to traditional department-store options. Prior to his death, Horst Rechelbacher had already launched Intelligent Nutrients into a progressively green beauty sphere, expanding on the fusion of science and botanicals for an increasingly eco-aware consumer base.

With beauty science engraved in their DNA, Kiran Stordalen and Nicole Rechelbacher have been pushing the envelope for clean, green and high performance in this industry for over 30 years. Now at the helm of the brand that was the catalyst of cosmetic innovation for decades, Kiran and Nicole have rebranded Intelligent Nutrients as I-N Intelligent Beauty, a next-level evolution of clean beauty without compromise. Their veteran status, knowledge and thirst for perfection have allowed them to forge strong relationships with top chemists, aromatherapists, suppliers and industry innovators. An alignment of nature and science, I-N Beauty is a revolutionary collection of body, skin and hair care, manufactured and sourced with the highest standard of ethics and sustainability to deliver quantifiable, data-driven results.

All I-N products are developed under rigorous clinical research. ‘We source more than 225 plant-based active ingredients from around the world and select those proven to be biologically compatible with our skin, hair, and bodies,’ asserts Rechelbacher. ‘We have developed a suite of innovative “sciences” that serve as the backbone of our groundbreaking products.’ These ingredient powerhouses include seeds, marine bioactives and plant stem cells to deliver results beyond the scope of most products. However, Rechelbacher admits synthetics must be used in rare instances when a suitable plant base is not accessible. ‘We’re committed to choosing the most sustainable, biodegradable option possible and using it at the lowest level needed to provide the performance required.’ As a company that values complete transparency, all ingredients are carefully identified on product packaging. 

Their intelligence has fostered an infinite quest for innovation. Intelli-Cell is the brand's proprietary system of plant extraction that not only captures a plant’s most beneficial properties but helps preserve the environment and natural resources. ‘The Intelli-Cell science extracts stem cells from one plant instead of harvesting thousands of plants, giving us access to benefits only available from rare and protected plant species like edelweiss,’ remarks Stordelan.

This visionary extraction process supplies up to 1,000 times the antioxidant potency of conventional actives. ‘Additionally, by using lab-based plants instead of land cultivation, we save tons of water and significantly reduce our carbon footprint. It took years to create the science and then years to get approval to use in our products.’

Equally seminal is their exclusive Intelli-Seed science. ‘Our Intelli-Seed science took several years and was developed by a university scientist, local seed oil supplier and food chemist who created a proprietary cold-pressed complex of certified organic red grape, red raspberry, pumpkin, cranberry with patented seed synergy technology of black cumin that boosts the benefits of the other oils in the blend exponentially,’ Stordalen explains. ‘We cold-press these incredibly antioxidant dense seeds for absolute potency.’

Not limited to solid ground, their, Intelli-Sea blend also includes sustainably sourced coastal plants like sea daffodil, sea fennel, blue sea kale and many types of algæ which are known to be effective skin ageing combatants. To acquire these precious minerals, I-N takes extensive measures to preserve habitats and sea ecosystems by limiting the number of dives permitted. To make the most of every drop, patented extraction technology is used—no chemical solvents or environmental destabilizers—for the most sustainable sourcing and processing possible.

The newest launch from I-N is the Liquid Green Body Oil. With aromatic notes blended by a master perfumer, Liquid Green is an olfactive and nourishing journey to the heart and soul of conscious beauty. ‘It is a highly addictive, instantly absorbing dry body oil. It is an extension of our cult following Liquid Green franchise and the embodiment of I-N,’ notes Rechelbacher. ‘The name is intuitive because we’re plant-based, the packaging is an infinitely recycled glass perfume bottle and the colour is brilliant emerald green.’ Blending a 99 per cent certified organic blue tansy essential oil blend, the subtle yet energizing fragrance notes are complex and intoxicating. ‘Our aromas are developed more like fine fragrances,’ Rechelbacher confers. ‘While traditional aromas in this type of product may range anywhere from $12 to $50 a kilo, this aroma costs thousands a kilo.’

Liquid Green is instantly absorbed and never leaves a greasy residue, leaving skin bright, luminous, and velvety to the touch. Formulated with I-N’s patented Intelli-Seed antioxidant complex, Liquid Green is the new ritual for those who demand beauty with integrity and intelligence. •



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