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Face the light: laser light therapyFace the light: laser light therapy

Zoë Butters looks at a gentle treatment for the skin to combat ageing: light therapy with Omnilux Revive, interviewing its proponent, laser medicine expert Dr Robert Glen Calderhead


FOR THOSE OF YOU who have spent hours enjoying the long days of summer, basking in the sun’s harsh ultraviolet rays or are trying to counteract the natural effects of ageing, then you may find yourself in a dilemma about which treatment to seek.

Omnilux Revive may present one of the better alternatives. It is the latest revolutionary breakthrough in photo-therapy skin care. Suitable for men and women, Omnilux Revive is a harmless non-surgical light therapy that helps reduce the appearance of the visible signs of ageing and damage to the skin caused by time spent in particularly harmful sunlight. It stimulates the skin’s natural moisture renewal process by deeply hydrating and plumping the skin, all in a relaxing soft bath of light.

Dr Robert Glen Calderhead has had a long and distinguished career in laser medicine. Originally from Scotland, Calderhead has resided in Japan for the better part of nearly three decades and is the author and co-author of more than 130 scientific papers on biomedicine and photo-therapy. Dr Calderhead has also been the author and collaborator of 10 books on laser therapy, laser surgery and simulation surgery. Through his many years of experience, he knows all too well how effective and beneficial photo-therapy is to those suffering dermatological distress.

‘The biggest advantage is low levels of light, in a non-thermal and totally damage-free manner,’ he tells Lucire. This is done by ‘targeting the reparative cells, and by increasing beneficial substances—in particular our own antioxidants produced by the reparative cells. Light at special wavelengths or colours selectively activates these cells.’

Omnilux Revive is a successful treatment for skin rejuvenation, wound healing, treatment of sun damage including non-melanoma skin cancers and an especially effective treatment for common forms of acne. ‘Light therapy works extremely well on any inflammatory acne. Two independent internationally published trials have found success rates of between 79 and 90 per cent clearance.’ This ‘clearance’ came about by using a combination of blue and red light therapy, twice a week for four weeks. The ordering of colours used is important: to attack acne, the blue light must be used before the red. ‘The blue light kills the bacteria first. The red light attacks the inflammation, immune and hormonal components.’

Although a course of nine treatments is recommended, the great thing about Omnilux Revive is that it can be used either as a single dose or over a period of time for those who seek long-term results. During the 20-minute session, the client will encounter a warm, pleasant feeling under the light beam, as it surrounds the face with thousands of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) radiating the pure red light. ‘Light therapy supports the natural cycle of healing,’ says Calderhead. Unlike laser treatments, there is no need for recovery time.

Many clients notice immediate effects with the treatment; however, every client is different. The first signs you may notice are a clearer, brighter and smoother complexion, sometimes even after the first treatment.

Some might get the impression that Omnilux Revive is a cure-all, but each individual must listen to their beauty therapist or doctor in regards to future skin care recommendations. ‘Light therapy does make the epidermis look plump and clear, but it should be supported with suitable, ongoing quality skin care. As an adjunctive, True Solutions [distributor of the Omnilux Revive] have seen extremely successful results with MD Formulations and Priori skin care ranges, as prescribed by a trained beauty therapist.’ •


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Top: Dr Glen Calderhead. Above: The Omnilux lamp. Main photograph: A treatment in action.

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