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beauty: eyes

Say bye-bye to the baggy eyeSay bye-bye to the baggy eye

QVS Soothing Mini Eye Treatment Gels, NZ$9·99


The eyes can say so much, and unfortunately those dark lines and bags that can appear under them say so much more! Whether it be from lack of sleep to hay fever, there are remedies to combat this tired appearance. Nicole McKinnon examines solutions to the puffy eye problem from natural to high-tech help

Excerpted from issue 22 of Lucire


WEíVE ALL HAD a huge summer, with appalling weather. Itís more than likely taken its toll on our eyes.

The skin around the eyes is half the thickness than the skin on the cheeks; therefore, it is more reactive and sensitive to allergies and itching. There are also more blood vessels around the eyes. The thin transparent skin can show this capillary network making them look darker. Puffy eyes are often due to slow lymph around the eye area, causing swelling. Natural quick fixes include cucumber, potato and chamomile tea bags. These offer a cooling, tightening effect that helps to constrict blood vessels, reducing inflammation temporarily.

Another option is to use high-tech skin care products. However, be careful of thicker creams or applying too much, as this can over-hydrate the fine skin around the eyes, causing puffiness. Be careful of humectants as they attract water, also making things worse. Products with anti-inflammatories and optical light defusers are great. Avoid water retention causing foods such as alcohol, salty foods, stress and lack of sleep.

If a puffy eye condition isnít remedied by the above, or if there is pain, then see an optometrist. •


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Olay Total Effects Anti-Ageing eye cream, NZ$33


MAC Fast Response eye cream, NZ$65; Dermalogica Total Eye Care, NZ$96·30


Thalgo eye contour range


Dr Hauschka Eye Solace, NZ$54


Prices current as at February 2007.

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