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Levi's broadcasts in colourLevi's broadcasts in colour

Levi’s autumn–winter 2008 range injects plenty of colour to the traditional denim jean
Expanded from issue 25 of Lucire
Lucire 2008 | The global fashion magazine


EVEN THOUGH we said that Ashes to Ashes wouldn’t kick off a 1980s revival, Levi Strauss & Co. has been dipping into some ideas of the New Romantic decade for its 2008 customers.
   Coloured jeans might not have been an ’80s staple, but they were present and associated with the decade. Their comeback, however, began two years ago and hit the mainstream media last year. Esprit, True Religion and a few other brands have been offering coloured jeans in their ranges, but now it’s the turn of the big jean name—Levi’s.
   Fortunately, this decade round, there appears to be a wider array of colours, so depending on your choices, there should be no confusion over whether you have travelled back in time.
   Levi’s has called on everything from rock and roll to hip-hop for inspiration, saying that it’s men’s and women’s Red Tab range encapsulates different genres of music. The company has re-created its 509 and 568 skinny jeans and offers them in red, purple, bright blue and scarlet. Other silhouettes are available and the company claims it is its most comprehensive range.
   Prices begin in New Zealand at NZ$149·90 for the 509 for women and 568 for men; the short-sleeve knit top for women retails at NZ$89·90 and the flannelette shirt at NZ$69·90. For retailers, call (0508) 501-555 inside New Zealand or visit the Levi’s website. •


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