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Abi Ferrin Fashion with a conscience Designer Abi Ferrin says she’s set to go global

Fashion, freedom and Abi Ferrin

Abi Ferrin has a passion for the environment, as her spring–summer 2010 collection, inspired by the Costa Rican rainforest, reveals
by Rola Saab
catwalk photographed by Elizabeth Lippman


COMFORT, CONFIDENCE AND ALLURE were just a few of many words that ran through my mind as the models strutted down the runway at the Abi Ferrin spring–summer 2010 fashion show. Many of Ferrin’s designs ranged from long, elegant dresses to short and fun. They included simplicity, creativity, and a slew of colours that were mixed-and-matched, creating a mesmerizing effect.
   The first model to open the show wore a pair of white shorts with beige heels to reveal elongated legs, accompanied by a loud-coloured, loose tucked-in top, showing off the shoulders with sleeves slightly sliding onto the arms. With each combination, the models wore a slim head strap, adding a simple accessory where casual wear transformed into sophisticated, sexy and original.
   Ferrin began sewing at the tender age of six; she worked in a sales job at large networks including Paramount Pictures, soon attending red-carpet events, where she said that she was in the position of ‘playing the part.’ But in order to afford playing such a part in the industry, she designed her own clothing.
   During an event, Extra’s host, Dayna Devon, was in awe of the top Ferrin was wearing and which she designed. Devon asked her where she got it. Ferrin simply replied, ‘I am a designer.’ Which is exactly what Ferrin is now and has been ever since. Her reaction: ‘I cannot imagine myself doing anything else.’
   In an interview with the young designer, she explains to us her techniques and her goal as a designer as well as a woman serving to help other women in need.


Lucire: Could you explain to us the idea of the documentary about the rainforest that was featured before the fashion show?
Ferrin: Really the core of my brand is the freedom and purpose. It’s not about pretty clothes and luxury, although that is all apart of it. I thought everybody need to understand what I’m doing it for; and if I don’t tell that story then there is really no other way for me to do that. So I wanted people to know what the inspiration was, what the heart of my company is and really what we’re doing.


What was your inspiration for your spring–summer 2010 collection?
[My inspiration] was the Osa Rainforest in Costa Rica in the Osa Peninsula and it’s the most bio-diverse rainforest in the world. I was brought down there by the Rainforest Discovery Initiative and basically to start putting women of Osa to work in nature instead of in opposition to it. They spent a week touring me around the area … it was an amazing experience.


What do you look for when you are putting a collection together?
When I’m putting together a collection, I have to be inspired, otherwise it’s going to be translated incorrectly. I really have to feel from the core of my being then it becomes something that I become emerged in. So for the past five months, I have been thinking about Costa Rican colours. What did I see in the rainforest? How do I translate that? How do I make a cohesive collection, yet still something that is wearable?


What are you hoping to achieve in the near future?
I call this collection Genesis, because I really think it’s the beginning of a whole new level for me in terms of what I’m going to be able to do … I have gone through a lot of struggle and worked really hard to get to this point. Now, I finally have the team in place and I was finally able to show a collection that represent what my abilities are. I hope to go global in selling clothing and helping a lot of women … I am really excited! •





Rola Saab reports from Paris and New York for Lucire.


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