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Lucire: Beauty

Pretty Woman Julia Roberts is the face of Lancôme Hypnose Precious Cells mascara.

Beauty’s tried and true

Elle Hopper goes through her handbag and finds her beauty must-haves, come rain or shine


WITH AN EXORBITANT NUMBER of beauty products on the market, one can spend hours wandering through boutiques and department stores trying to decide which beauty or make-up brand to settle on. Trial and error is the game and that can be a bit risky when money isn’t flying out of your ears. Being someone who has tried a fair few products and parted ways with a lot of money, I can provide insight into some fantastic products that I swear by.


MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
I pretty much own almost everything MAC in terms of make-up. This foundation combines a natural matte finish and a great coverage without feeling or looking too heavy—there’s nothing worse than seeing someone with an inch of foundation caked on their face. It has a broad spectrum UVAUVB SPF 15, is long-lasting and contains specially treated micronized pigments that makes the skin look almost flawless. Another great feature is that it has special skin-conditioning ingredients and is oil-free. I have used this for as long as I can remember so if you’re looking for something to try, this is a great product.


Revlon Eyeliner
Cheap and long-lasting. Just a really great pencil to use. I’m very keen to find a liquid one-when I find a fantastic one, you’ll be the first to know.


Lancôme Hypnôse Precious Cells
There are a few exceptions to my all-MAC collection. One of them being my mascara. This is a really good one because the wand is created in just the right way so that it separates eyelashes, produces minimal clumping and gives great length. Now, that is almost perfection right there.


Lucas papaw ointment
This is 100 per cent tried-and-true product. When something that a million people swear by, it is normally that good. It is au naturel, made entirely from fermented papaya and provides a clear gloss if you don’t feel like going all out with lipstick.


Garnier Sensitive Skin make-up remover
This product is fantastic for getting make-up off without drying your skin out. It gets the make-up off really quickly and easily, which is why I don’t ever consider any other.


Environ Alpha-Hydroxy Gel
This cleanser is great because I get a congested T-zone. This is an exfoliator designed to clear out extreme congestion. Makes the skin feel amazingly soft and promotes new skin cells and cell renewal, while clearing the skin. I have noticed my skin has been looking so much better since I started using it.


Bio Actives Purastat Cleanser
This product is amazing and, unfortunately, you do pay for it. It’s free from a whole pile of bad things most cleansers normally have including parabens, artificial colours, fragrances and much more. It purifies and renews skin by removing imbedded dirt, make-up, excess oil and damaging pollutants. It restores with lactic milk extracts, which penetrate and attract moisture into the deepest skin layers increasing skin hydration. It protects the skin due its seven botanical ingredients, creating a “coat of armour” against anything that would be harmful to your skin in the environment. The bottle is huge, so it lasts for a long time-definitely an investment.


Bio Actives Extreme B
Applied after cleansing, regulating your skin. My skin is normally combination being really dry, but it also gets pimples. Since I’ve been using this product it's become a whole lot clearer and less dry. It infuses skin at a cellular level with a blend of B vitamins and five super skin-boosting sea plants which is why it is so great for your skin.


Environ AVST 1 moisturizer
This is the introductory moisturizer for the AVST step-up system. It contains a low level of vitamin A and powerful antioxidants to combat free radicals, repair and rejuvenate skin. You have to start at the lowest level of vitamin A because the skin is not used to having it directly applied, so irritation can occur. Overall the benefits are amazing, including assisting with the repair of damaged skin from sun, pigmentation and fine lines, aiding in the repair and restoration of skin cells. The combination of all the products means my skin looks and feels really healthy.


Cosmedix Reflect SPF 30 Sunscreen
With the sun out in full force, it is not to be reckoned with. Always apply sunblock before going out in the sun. This sunblock is great: it is light but very protective without feeling greasy. I always carry some around with me for reapplication. Getting your face burnt is a big no-no.


St Ives body moisturizer
Just from the supermarket, St Ives is great with no scent and great coverage. It soaks in straight away and doesn't feel greasy or too oily. •


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