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Lucire 2011 Collections of the week Bohoboco won the most press from Fashion Week Poland, while Łukasz Jemioł showed a sophisticated range

Inspiring location, inspiring fashion

Joanna Mroczkowska reports from the latest Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week in Poland, held in the city of Łódź


THE FOURTH POLISH FASHION WEEK WAS held last month. Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland, to give its official title, aims to show the strong presence of the fashion industry within Poland.

Although still young, Polish Fashion Week is starting to get big attention from overseas. Kenzo Takada, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Nuno Gama, Miguel Vieira, François Emeric, Patrizia Gucci and Gaspard Yurkiewich all attended. The organizers have been promoting the event not only to fashion journalists but to people interested in the industry, in art, and to celebrities.

One of the main highlights was On Aura Tout Vu, a Bulgarian duo who designs for Lady Gaga. Diane Pernet, a French blogger and former designer, showed ASVOFF (A Shaded View On Fashion Film). Each day at Fashion Week was finished with three official parties.

Fashion Week Poland took place in Łódź, a city near Warszawa, well known for its associations with the fashion and textile industry for over two hundred years. The unique nineteenth-century feel of the city was an inspiration for many artists.

One highlight from the Polish Fashion Week is OFF Out of Schedule, showing young designers and alternative projects. The OFF shows were hosted in abandoned factories, giving a creepy and unforgettable experience.

Konrad Parol (above and above right) did a great job with his “green mile”, where models made their way to an electric chair with the sound of an electric razor in the background. His show, like his style, was very dark. One of the most eccentric designers, Maldoror (left), presented a futuristic, oriental-style collection. Young Brazilian creator Vitor Bastos (below) added a great foreign accent with his fourth collection, inspired by Tanzanian albinos. He is already well known to Lucire readers from Lisboa’s fashion week.

There was also a commercial section of Fashion Week, Designers’ Avenue. The mainstream segment hosted around twenty shows over four days. This year, one of the best reviewed was Bohoboco, a Warszawa duo who wonderfully mixed styles. Bohoboco is well known for dressing Polish celebrities. Zuo Corp (zuo, or zło, in Polish means evil) showed a very clean, symmetrical and humorous collection (bottom). As always, Łukasz Jemioł showed a very classic, sophisticated and casual range. Michał Szulc was depressing and minimalist, the public loved it!

The Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland has a lot to offer and inspire. The next and fifth Polish Fashion Week will be held this October. •


Joanna Mroczkowska is Lucire’s Polish correspondent.



Vitor Bastos

Zuo Corp

Konrad Parol



Łukasz Jemioł


Zuo Corp brought humour into proceedings in Łódź


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