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A welcoming sight Friendly staff, beautiful view. What more can you ask for?
 Tanya Sooksombatisatian

A perfect haven away from home

Janejit Sooksombatisatian rates the Twinpalms Phuket resort as one of the world’s finest, an unforgettable experience with a dose of professionalism at every turn

photographed by Tanya Sooksombatisatian and courtesy Twinpalms


‘NOTHING IS LEFT TO CHANCE’ sums up my stay at Twinpalms Phuket Resort in Phuket, Thailand. Part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and situated on Surin Beach, once you step inside the open lobby, you would hardly notice that you are in amongst big chain hotels and a busy street out front.

Our ride from the airport was well thought out. There was bottled water as soon as we got in the car (highly needed after a 10-hour flight straight into intense heat), and for the driver to call ahead to the hotel announcing our arrival, we knew we were up for some unforgettable experience.

By the time we arrived at the hotel, everything was there waiting for us: the guest registration, flower garlands, welcome drinks, and even our Public Relations’ Coordinator, Khun Kannika.


Tanya Sooksombatisatian

Satay anyone?


The fact that all the front desk staff—in fact, all the staff as I later learn—were more comfortable speaking English than Thai to us made us feel like being on a holiday but also home at the same time. No awkward moments of miscommunication or misunderstanding. The registration was a breeze and, before long, we were shown to our rooms. Not just giving you the key and pointing the way but there was one front desk staff member for each of us. They pointed out the hotel’s facilities along the way and, when in our rooms, we were shown the room’s facilities and how everything works.

The room was spacious, modern and well thought-out. All room facilities were controlled by one panel, including a sensor that will change your air conditioning on to the fan when your deck door is open. Although mine didn’t quite work out as planned, the staff were quite happy to come and fix it for me at one o’clock in the morning. The iPod dock on the TV cabinet was also a nice touch. It was as if the decorators had sat down and thought, ‘How can we make this room feel as much like home as possible without losing the special touches of being a luxury hotel?’

After recovering from the flight, we headed off to the library. Although it sounds boring, the place is anything but. Doubling as a guest relations’ centre, it’s not just a place for reading books but also checking your emails, arranging your travels, renting a car, booking a flight, and any other things you wish to organize. Although quiet like a library, the feel is more relaxing rather than suppressing, with big floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the swimming pool area.

Comfortable chairs and long cushy benches make you feel like you can just sit there with a book (from the library, of course) and have a cool, quiet afternoon away from the heat and bustle of the outside world. Again, our needs were being catered for and staff are always there if you ever needed them.

The swimming pool outside was big and inviting. With no lifeguards on duty and open 24 hours, the feel is that it is your own swimming pool: you can choose to swim at 2 A.M. if you ever felt like it. The staff were there to help you out with the towels and the Pool Bar is also there if you ever feel peckish or even hungry.

The fact that our rooms had a path leading directly from our deck to the pool is even more inviting. All we wanted to do was sit in the pool and cool off. In saying that, coming from New Zealand, a country that is so conscious about burn-time and UV indexes, we were a bit aware of being burn by the sun. Never fear! Although supporting a product, the hotel has a board showing UV index, burn time and trends throughout the day for us to see. For us, it was a comforting thought that at least the staff were caring for us.




The spot where we had our yummy dinner.

Tanya Sooksombatisatian

Twinpalms Phuket is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Tanya Sooksombatisatian

You can see the colour of the sky change before your very eyes.


Twinpalms Beach.


Twinpalms Gallery.


Library and guest relations’ counter.

Tanya Sooksombatisatian

Outdoor seating: look straight out to the pool.

Tanya Sooksombatisatian

How can you resist?



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