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Lucire 2011 World: never one to disappoint one’s expectations of a highly extravagant show


In the first of our in-depth New Zealand Fashion Week features for autumn–winter 2012, Vicki Matias reflects on her (out of this) World experience


AFTER A JAM-PACKED WEEK and with New Zealand Fashion Week 2011 nearing to a close, World put on a highly anticipated extravaganza to top it all off. As expected of World, it was not your usual run-of-the-mill catwalk show, which opened with three fabulous gold sequin-wearing drag queens lip-synching to Fergie’s ‘Glamorous’. TV3 audiences awaited the announcement of the winner of New Zealand’s Next Top Model, as the network broadcast the show live with the three finalists making an appearance during the showcase. World’s collaboration with Number One Shoes was also on display with the catwalk début of the World Made Me Do It! shoe collection, which featured a variety of block-coloured flats, wedges and stilettos, all of which went on sale the very next day at select Number One Shoes stores.

Titled Good v. Evil, the show was split into three stories, the first, ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’, inspired by the nostalgia of science fiction, film, philosophy and religion. Dramatic Wagner music and a blacked-out setting allowed for ultraviolet-blue glow-in-the-dark pieces to reveal themselves. Then, with the flip of a switch, bright lights came on to Britney Spears’s girly tune, ‘Oops! I Did It Again’, and an assembly line of black, blue-piped, multi-panelled jacket and pant-skirt suits came out.

The second story emerged with an arrangement of futuristic punchy red, black-edged roses on white fabric, contrasting the monochrome idea of the unforeseeable future, coiled by a sense of a past we never knew. Each model’s make-up differed slightly but with glittery ruby red pouts and thick black cat-eye slicks acting as a constant. The out-of-this-world (pun intended) looks were from James Luii of Shiseido, and were arguably the most remarkable all week. All hair—overseen by the incredible Michael Beel of Buoy—was up in a variety of modernized 1930s buns studded with colourful gems.



Vicki Matias is a senior writer for Lucire.




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