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Lucire 2011 Min Agostini: draping and designing with an architect’s eye

Six of Argentina’s best

Lola Saab looks at the Argentine Designers’ joint show at New York Fashion Week, and chats to architect-turned- designer Min Agostini


FASHION WEEK always consists of something for everyone to choose from. It is a wonderful dive into an artistic ambiance.

On September 13, 2011 the Argentine Designers’ fashion show, at the Stage in Lincoln Center during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, introduced the spring 2012 collection of six designers. The designers were selected by New York’s fashion editors and stylists. They had remarkably chic and elegant looks glow on the runway.


Cardon had an array of colours emerge as it hit the stage to open the show. The designer, Jose Mutti, had a slightly traditional approach to his looks and style. The collection was highly influenced by Argentine culture. From goat suede ponchos to crochet dresses, every detail profoundly came to life. The traditional approach transformed into an almost modern appeal.


Cora Groppo (above right)
Prior to having worked for renowned Argentine brands such as Vitamina and Yagmour, Groppo continued to study the body’s form and begin to create pieces that virtually fit. Watching each of her pieces walk down the runway, they presented simplicity that truly hugged the models at every angle. The designer reveals sophistication and an almost flirtatious appeal.


Daniela Sartorri (left)
The newest amongst the six was Daniela Sartorri. Her collection emerged with simply lovely designs. They were structured and each look wonderfully shone on the catwalk.

The Desiderata label, under the direction of designer Carolina Rosales, had a delightful mix of prints and colours. Models wore an oversized flower in their long hair; it was an accessory that complemented each look adding an extra dash of detail to the ensembles.


Marian Dappiano
Marian Dappiano’s pieces were flowing; they were filled with texture and extremely colourful features. The collection was highly sophisticated and magnificently daring.


Min Agostini
Min Agostini closed the show with chic dresses that flowingly draped on the body. Her experience as an architect is reflected in the collection with structural designs and extremely meticulous creativity. Silk material of various colours hit the stage like a breath of fresh air. Agostini’s collection was a perfect way to conclude the show with magnificent shades of pink, orange, yellow and green. The colours along with the designs were both a treat to the eye.



AFTER THE SHOW, we caught up with Agostini (left). She shared her ideas about her stylish work and also explained to us what fashion means to her.


Lucire: How do you choose which colours and what style you want to put together for each collection?

Min Agostini: Well, I really don’t choose it … [Enthusiastically] I just start buying fabrics that I like … this material, the other material, I like this colour, the other colour … then I start doing dresses …


What would you say your inspiration might be?

I never have an inspiration. I am an architect, so architects are taught how to think in space, so I don’t do drawings. I just start designing. I take a piece of fabric and start modelling it on the body and then something just comes out.


And can you elaborate a bit more about the colours? They are soothing and very vibrant.

I wanted to do colours. Everything is all sad that I say, ‘OK, let’s do colours!’ And I start buying fabrics and I see this fabric and the colour and I say, ‘I like it!’ and then they come together. I don’t know how but they come together later.


How long does it take you in general to put a collection together?

Well, this collection took three months, but sometimes if I stay awake at night I can do five or six dresses. I just design them and pin everything on the mannequins.


As a designer, can you tell us how you define fashion?

Well, I think fashion … just to find yourself and what you like. I think that it’s so important for people. People don’t have to follow fashion, they have to find their own way, and they have to find what fits them the most. They can take something from fashion.


When women wear your designs, how do you want them to feel?

I love when people come to my shop and say, ‘Oh no, I feel fat, I feel this, I feel that,’ and they just put on the clothes and they just start looking and moving differently already and I love that. Since I design on the body everything is very fitting.


Do you have a particular message for young women who want to expand their horizons in fashion and in their style?

They have to follow what they have inside: just follow your instinct and you are going to succeed. •


Min Agostini

‘People don’t have to follow fashion, they have to find their own way, and they have to find what fits them the most’

Min Agostini

Marian Dappiano



Lola Saab is Paris editor of Lucire.



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