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Our latest issue, starring Denise Richards—print, Ipad, Android and PDF

Denise Richards on the cover of Lucire 28

You can download the new issue 28 of Lucire right now—as well as get it via an Ipad or Android app


Ever since we went into print in 2004—seven years after we began online—the cost of shipping has typically been prohibitive for our international readers. Usually, shipping cost more than the magazine itself, and the situation has only worsened in the last decade.

When Scopalto, a French electronic newsstand, approached us to sell our PDFs online, we happily said yes. It’s one of several developments that we have this year to bring Lucire to a wider audience. With Lucire readers often ahead of the curve and often early adopters of new technology, 2012 seemed to be the right time to make the move in to new digital formats.

If you want the latest in fashion, our new issue, featuring Denise Richards as photographed by Andrew Matusik, can be downloaded and read on the go for only €5 as a PDF. If you want it as an Ipad or Android app, our friends at Magzter have now released it, for US$6·99 per issue. And if you want it as a print-on-demand copy, head over to and get a limited edition for US$20·50.

Inside you’ll find the sort of in-depth articles that our various print editions globally have been known for through the years—answering the question, just where is fashion at this point in history? There are lovingly executed shoots, travel features that take you to unexpected places, and lifestyle articles that give you a better view of our world. Scroll down and you’ll see the sort of presentation you get inside each issue.

We’ve always wanted to reach everyone globally with a single edition and these editions bring us closer to that goal.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside Lucire, it’s more accessible than ever. Head here to download the PDF, or here to get the tablet apps.

Lucire 28 spreadLucire 28 spreadLucire 28 spreadLucire 28 spreadLucire 28 spreadLucire 28 spread with Audrina Patridge photographed by Andrew MatusikLucire 28 spreadLucire 28 spread, photographed by David MachowskiLucire 28 spread, photographed by Tanya SooksombatisatianLucire 28 spread

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We’ve always wanted to reach everyone globally with a single edition and these editions bring us closer to that goal





  • The new influencers
    Sarah Mackenzie peers inside the world of the young, beautiful and well connected socialites who are influencing fashionitas globally.

  • Perfecting the process
    Changing the world again: Source4Style makes the global business of fashion more ethical and transparent as it helps labels source directly from sustainable, ecological suppliers

    by Jack Yan
    photographed by Shawn Brickbill
  • Synonymous with sleepwear
    From humble beginnings of working over a kitchen table to an Australian sleepwear empire, Peter Alexander is a powerhouse when it comes to the pyjama game. Roanna Bell looks at the rise and rise of Peter Alexander
  • Reinventing Cambodia
    Sopheak Seng heads to Cambodia for its first fashion week, finding plenty of talent with a Khmer heritage—and has high hopes for how the organizers might follow up the event
    photographed by Balazs Maar
  • Julian Danger sees Violet
    The Lucire team attends Violet, Julian Danger’s spring–summer 2012–13 show, during the recent Wellington Fashion Week. Roanna Bell reports, and talks to designer Amy-Rose Goulding
    photographed by Nikita Brown
  • Man I feel like a woman
    Brad Pitt steps up as new poster boy for Chanel No. 5: a modern twist for an empowering fragrance by Geneviève Hole
  • Queen of hearts
    Seka Ojdrović pops in to meet thewonderful lipstick queen Poppy King, herself
  • It’s not so complicated

    With sex kitten roles having established her, and two seasons of a reality show that confronted tabloid rumours about her, it’s not too difficult to understand the life of Denise Richards, says Jack Yan
    photographed by Andrew Matusik

  • Out of the Hills

    Uma Lele on Audrina Patridge, the sultry star and reality screen queen who is making waves in Hollywood
    photographed by Andrew Matusik

  • The stylemaker

    Christopher Svensson, Ford’s Director of Design for Asia-Pacific and Africa, is the man who will have an increasing say on how the Blue Oval’s cars will look. Jack Yan speaks with him in Melbourne

  • The fairy-tale city of Annecy

    With its breathtaking views of surrounding mountains and crystal-clear lakes, the small city of Annecy is the perfect place to explore the French countryside
    by David Machowski
    photographed by the author

  • A perfect haven away from home

    Janejit Sooksombatisatian rates the Twinpalms Phuket resort as one of the world’s finest, an unforgettable experience with a dose of professionalism at every turn
    photographed by Twinpalms and Tanya Sooksombatisatian

  • Simply irie-sistible

    Forget the package deal and go à la carte! Jamaica boasts a treasure trove of unique lodging options, fresh island fare and unexpected cultural surprises by Elyse Glickman



  • Intense
    photographed by Kevin Sinclair
  • Glamourpuss
    photographed by Holly Broomhall
  • Harboured beauty
    photographed by David Hatfield
    creative direction by Nick Mansfield

  • Bird of paradise
    photographed by Holly Broomhall
  • Lady grey
    photographed by Louise Hatton
    creative direction by Sopheak Seng

  • When …
    photographed by Sara Coe





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