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Vic Matié From the showroom to the shoes, it’s a minimalist take for spring ’14

Tactile contrast at Vic Matié

Anna Deans looks at Vic Matié’s spring–summer 2014 collection and how nature’s elements inspired it

The classical elements of air, earth, water and fire inspired the tactile and physical elements of Vic Matié’s spring–summer 2014 collection. The collection incorporates supple, Italian leather calfskins mixed with see-through polycarbonate. The contrast created by these two elements as well as other man-made versus organic textiles is seen throughout Matié's collection.

Italy’s luxe answer to Beau Coops, Matié boasts stiletto heels, slim wedges and masculine square toes. Feminine tones and delicate suede outweigh and contrast this masculinity. Powder pink, dove grey and acidic yellow unite with splashes of blue, while base tones of black and optic white are mixed throughout. This colour palette is both contrasts and harmonizes to create a warm summer atmosphere.

Sporty elements mix seamlessly with elegant Alexander Wang-esque shapes. Oversized buckles and zippers break up supple leather bases. Wooden soles are slimmed down like you have never seen them before while every pair gifts height and posture.

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Deciding which pair in the collection was most eye-catching proved impossible. The subtle shape and elegance of the pointed-toe, ankle-strapped, acid stilettos made me weak at the knees. The more edgy, wooden-wedged relaxed-leather open-toe booties were likewise. Or maybe I would choose the sporty bright white zippered booties with the contrast black sole? Each pair proves to be different but also part of a cohesive whole.

Simple elegance oozes from Vic Matié stores. The shoes are left to speak for themselves on white cubes in the midst of bare, wooden pillars. The minimalist decor simply elevates the wooden soled shoes and colour palate.

Vic Matié’s philosophy is strongly positioned around the high quality and substance of footwear made in Italy. Each shoe is born to be unique and challenge trends by being not only up to date, but eternally stylish. Matié’s art director, Silvia Curzi, brings a contemporary vision to the label believing footwear should highlight the personality of the wearer rather than directly follow trends. Curzi aims for every collection to have footwear so beautiful and unique they become timeless.

Concept and aesthetic intertwine creating a collection as strong as the elements that inspired it. Out of these classical elements I see Vic Matié’s spring–summer as predominantly fire. Invest in Vic Matié footwear and let them become a fiery summer staple in your wardrobe. •




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Anna Deans is a writer for Lucire.