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NutriBulletRx When the Magic Bullet isn’t enough, along comes something with more horsepower

Elyse Glickman is US west coast editor of Lucire.

The antidote to boring, inconsequential smoothies

Elyse Glickman enters the 2014 holiday season armed and sensible with the latest high-tech “lifestyle kit” from the inventors of the Magic Bullet, the NutriBulletRx
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Are smoothies a healthy meal alternative, nutritious snack or a calorie bomb? The debate rages on, though it’s clear that not all smoothies are created equal. A few years ago, I acquired a Magic Bullet, the perfect little kitchen helper for a single gal which, among other things, allowed me to make healthy smoothies using only ingredients dictated to me by various health professionals and nutritionists I was working with, as well as do some salad dressings, guacamole and hummus without the bulk of a full-sized blender for quick meals and last minute entertaining.

However, given the diminutive size and limited capacity of the Magic Bullet, it was inevitable I needed to upgrade the machine if I was also going to upgrade to a healthier lifestyle (i.e. a greater commitment to helping the proverbial medicine of sturdy greens, fruits and veggies to go down). The prescription for that dilemma is the new NutriBulletRx (MSRP US$200), which, admittedly, requires more counter-top space but has the heart of an even bigger champion (a motor that comes closer to the VitaMix, an investment blender that runs US$500 or more depending on the model).

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Food and wellness media were invited to an event at the Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills hosted by the Santa Monica-based company that would allow us to not only try the device at home, but also sample one of four recipes on the spot, based on a quick survey administered by nutritionist commissioned by the company’s founders. While the Magic Bullet is designed for occasional use, the NutriBulletRx is engineered for a full-blown lifestyle change and commitment, from its larger capacity pitchers and cups to a ‘Souperblast’ heating function that allows the user to make hot vegetable soups and sauces in seven minutes to a recipe book meant to get the user completely focused and excited about experimenting with ways to make necessities taste like gourmet fare.

‘What we’re focused on is giving you the most antioxidants, as well as a boost of energy,’ the nutritionist informed me. ‘We start with kale, which is alkaline and will help you balance out the acidity in your system which is great for general health. Our Super-Red powder with blended red fruits, antioxidants, pomegranate, cherries; everything we’re doing is applicable to a healthy lifestyle. Protein also helps balance hormones, which can also help with weight loss. We also like to use microgreens, which some like on salads, coconut water is hydrating and high in electrolytes, and a lower-calorie alternative to a fruit juice base.’

My survey results determined that I am a complicated soul, torn by the need to stay well (immunity), the desire to stay young (anti-ageing) and the good intention to lose weight. The nutritionist opted for the anti-ageing recipe, a greens-heavy concoction mellowed by some coconut milk, judicious use of pineapple for digestion, and the NutriBulletRx’s red fruit superfood powder made from, inter alia, pomegranate and cherry. Although the shake went down more like medicine than a frothy pool drink, in a matter of speaking, the ease and affordability of a DIY cleanse with easy-to-find ingredients from the local grocery was an appetizing prospect—save for the proprietary Nutribullet Superfood Superboost powders which are a bit of an investment at US$30. Now, I am just looking forward to cool weather to provide me with an excuse to get some soup going and give the cookbook a workout. •




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