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What’s in Lucire issue 37?

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Cover photographed by Kourosh Sotoodeh
Styled and creative-directed by Nikko Kefalas
Make-up by Joanne Gair using Make Up For Ever
Hair by Nicholas Shatarah using Bumble and Bumble
Modelled by Margaux Brazhnyk/MC2 NYC
Chainmail headdress by Laurel DeWitt
Assisted by Maciek Stepnik
Shot at Go Studio, New York, NY


What’s next on the horizon? This issue’s all about the next thing that emerges. It’s time we bought more carefully when it comes to fashion and beauty—we talk to Natalia Vodianova about the former and provide a cruelty-free guide for the latter. Dior’s looking forward again to the future as we chart just how it got here; while New York designers shrug off convention for the next season. Gerry Kelly’s denim range is sustainable, stylish and sensible. This is the future we said we’d be living …


22/ Looking Forward again after 70 years
With the National Gallery of Victoria’s exhibition on Christian Dior, Nathalia Archila and Jack Yan look at its history, from its postwar beginnings that put it on the map to its renewal under Maria Grazia Chiuri as its first female creative director


34/ A Conscious decision
Natalia Vodianova has been quietly going about her work as a model, and now she’s stepped into sustainable fashion as she models for H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection. Jack Yan looks at the collaboration


38/ Pluck of the Irish
Gerry Kelly is putting the “design” back into designer jeans through his hand-crafted, environmentally conscious Sonas Denim collection, writes Elyse Glickman
Photographed by Melis & Dainon


50/ The end of convention
Times may be uncertain, but designers are sending a clear message: it’s time to shake off convention in New York, as Lola Cristall reports from the autumn–winter 2017–18 shows


58/ Chained melody
Photographed by Kourosh Sotoodeh
Styled and creative-directed by Nikko Kefalas
Hair by Nicholas Shatarah
Make-up by Joanne Gair
Modelled by Margaux Brazhnyk
Assisted by Maciek Stepnik


68/ A guide to cruelty-free cosmetics
There are five things to look for to make sure what you’re buying is genuinely cruelty-free, says Nathalia Archila


72/ Enlivened
Lola Cristall gets the heads-up on the latest beauty products. There are going to be great skin and fragrances around this summer


74/ Temptresses
Photographed by Mike Ruiz
Make-up by Joanne Gair
Modelled by Rachel Niu and Valeria Leonova
Hair by Linh Nguyen


82/ Sakura
Photographed by Jennifer Massaux
Make-up and body painting by Joanne Gair
Hair by Eloise Cheung
Styled by Shannon Hoey
Modelled by Pong


92/ My hotel room

Aladdin Ishmael spent 18 months travelling to some of the most luxurious international hotels. In each city he worked with top models, intimately shooting them in the rooms. Nathalia Archila looks at the project
Photographed by Aladdin Ishmael


102/ The SUV of the future has arrived

Jack Yan talks about Lucire’s 2017 choice for the Car to Be Seen in, the newly launched Range Rover Velar, unveiled at the Design Museum in London


108/ British glamour meets Moroccan tradition
The news that British style legend Jasper Conran has opened a boutique hotel reinforces the notion that Marrakech is a true cultural crossroads, writes Stanley Moss


114/ Rolling on the river
Elyse Glickman and Derek J. Poirier experience the Netherlands and Belgium on a luxury river cruise with AmaWaterways
Photographed by the authors


127/ Luxury line
Metallic looks convey strength—that’s the luxury theme this season





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