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Lucire Community

Your feedback is important to us at Lucire, because we believe community comes first. Please let us know what’s on your mind, whether from the print edition or the online one.

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Is your feedback a private message? (If the following is not marked, we’ll assume it’s a public Letter to the Editor.)
Letter to the Editorówe reserve the right to edit your letter, and publish your name, location and company—but we will not publish your email address. Click here to read earlier letters.
Private feedback—your details and message will be kept confidential
Media enquiry—if you wish to purchase advertising space at Lucire. (Some demographic and pricing information can be found at JY&A Media here.)

Please add me to the Lucire Updates list. In line with our privacy policy, you won’t be added unless you ask us to.

The following questions are designed to help us target our magazine to our advertisers so we can have the funds to produce new stories. We collate this info and it won't ever be attributable to you. These last questions are entirely optional. If you choose not to answer them, scroll down to the 'Send' button below.

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(For example, if you chose a publication name, please tell us which one. If you chose a lecture, please tell us who was speaking.)



Other contact methods


In most cases, email addresses are in the format of


General editorial enquiries
Please use the form above or use the general mailbox. Instead of using, use info@ in the front instead.


Lucire’s online edition is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information. For other editions, surf to for more information.


Business development and licensing
Enquiries about business development, joint ventures, licensing and syndication should be directed to:

Mr Jack Yan
Publisher, Lucire
PO Box 14-368
Wellington 6241
New Zealand
Telephone and fax 64 4 387-3213


You may contact:

Miss Leana Keen
Suite 85
34 Buckingham Palace Road
London SW1W 0RH


New York
In New York, editorial mail, details of shows and invitations may be sent to:
Miss Ann Fryer
Associate Publisher, Lucire
244 Fifth Avenue, Suite A-248
New York, NY 10001
Telephone 1 203 979-6166


Ms Elyse Glickman
West Coast Editor, Lucire
4414 Woodman Avenue, Suite 208
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Telephone 1 310 497-7157


Hong Kong
c/o Mr Benny Leung, ground floor,
446–8 Shanghai Street
Hong Kong
Telephone 8522771-2360


Head office in New Zealand is 64 4 387-3213 (phones not answered between 12 and 9 P.M. GMT). Simone Knol can be reached in London on 44 7876 701-505 in the event head office is unavailable.


Full details in each print, PDF or Ipad issue of Lucire.


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