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Kiwi voices in California: behind the scenes

In Lucire issue 33, about to be released, former Miss Universe New Zealand titleholders Laural Barrett and Samantha Lochhead pose for Jon Moe. During the shoot, Laural—an accomplished musician—took a break on the piano at Riviera 31 at the Sofitel Los Angeles
photographed by the author



Lucire: LivingThe Crimson Garter
Lucire has frequently covered ballet and travel, and we’ve reviewed hundreds of books. As a treat to readers, we present our full serialization of The Crimson Garter, book one of the Captain Blackpool trilogy, by travel editor Stanley Moss, writing pseudonymously as Lovejoy
Chapters 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18


Shanghai knights

Jack Yan has some concerns with the MG 6, the first Chinese-made car tested by this magazine, but has high praise for the follow-up, the small MG 3—which shows just how rapidly China is becoming a car-making force
photographed by the author


The revolution has arrived

Peter Jobes tests the BMW i3, unlocking its 170 hp electric motor, and finds it a pleasure to drive. The future is here
additional material by Jack Yan



Lucire 2014 | The global fashion magazineStar-struck at Sundance
Lola Saab looks back at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, from the premières to the celebrity lounges and parties



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineOlga Lomaka: Parasites of Consciousness
London-based artist Olga Lomaka brings femininity and sexuality into her work, bringing dreams and fantasies into reality. Elina Lukas speaks to her on the eve of her new exhibition



Lucire 2014 | The global fashion magazineThe gentle touch
Jack Yan lives with the BMW 320d Xdrive Touring Sport Line for an extended road test, and discovers that it keeps the Bavarians at the top of the class with an all-round, enjoyable package
photographed by the author on a Voigtländer Bessamatic Deluxe


Time to lie: Airweave makes your bed better

Elyse Glickman checks out the Airweave bedding topper, designed—and even proven—to give a better night’s sleep


All senses engaged

Jack Yan tests the Volvo V40 T5 R Design, the Chinese-owned Swedish car maker’s latest effort, and finds it ably fulfils its sporting and design briefs
photographed by Matthew Beveridge
from issue 31 of Lucire



Lucire: LivingHappy trails
Publisher Jack Yan looks back at his year at Lucire, including six months on the campaign trail running for mayor



Lucire: LivingLucire’s news-makers of 2013
Who were the significant people of the year? Jack Yan looks at Lucire’s top six, mercifully free of Miley Cyrus and twerking



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineWhat’s in Lucire issue 31?
From Daisy Fuentes to Stephen Jones, Lucire takes you around the world in fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle, in print, or for Ipad, Android or as a PDF—order right here



Lucire: LivingBy invitation only
Anna Deans checks out October’s highest-profile parties in London and Paris for Rimmel and Ralph Lauren
photographed by David M. Benett and Julien Hekimian



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazine Product envy
Paris editor Lola Saab flies to New York and attends a lavish GBK and Sparkling Hill Luxury Style Lounge
celebrity photographs by Ana Martins PR and GBK



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineReady for prime-time
US West Coast Editor Elyse Glickman checks out the trends and lifestyle items taking the red carpet prior to the big day at the Emmys



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineA cut above the rest
BMW’s 320i Edition 30 is one of three models commemorating the 30th anniversary of BMW New Zealand. Jack Yan drives the kitted-out Dreier
photographed by the author



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazine Making life easy
The Renault Koleos is well thought out and designed to be easy to drive. Jack Yan says it hits its targets for those looking for a mid-sized SUV
photographed by Douglas Rimington/



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineGiving back kindly for the MTV Movie Awards
Los Angeles correspondent Elva Zevallos reports GBK hits the right notes with its 2013 MTV Movie Awards Suite



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineNew and old kids on the block
US west coast editor Elyse Glickman reports that the Secret Room and the Rock ’n’ Rolla Movie Awards’ Eco Party, celebrating the MTV Movie Awards’ hosts and nominees, are more about quality of life than quantity of bling



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineBridging the gaps
Jack Yan attends the BMW 3-series Touring launch, taking in roads between Auckland and Paihia, and thinks the Bavarians have a winner in more ways than one
photographs by Nigel Dunn, the author, and courtesy BMW



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineThat red-carpet feeling
At 2013’s pre-Oscar lounges, Elyse Glickman reports that the fashion, lifestyle and travel trends represented are as interesting, innovative and engaging as this year’s nominated films and performers
photographed by Travis Jourdain, Manuel Carrillo, Carell Augustus and the author



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineTranslating Grammy glamour to year-round enjoyment
The Grammy Awards and the party scene were back in a happy place this year, with good cheer and upbeat fashion finds, reports Elyse Glickman



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineBringing home a crown
One would think Aleisha Robertson would be a lot more in the public eye after bringing New Zealand one of its few international pageant victories, at Miss TEEN 2012. Lucire redresses the balance: Jack Yan interviews her



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineKnowledge is power
Initially hesitant, Tiffany Fernando attends the BMW Ladies’ Press Event at Boomrock, sampling a range of cars from the company, and departs a more confident driver
photographed by Simon Watts/BWP for BMW New Zealand



Lucire 2013 | The global fashion magazineHitting the high notes
Jack Yan interviews Sophie Morris, the unstoppable Otago soprano who is gaining credits rapidly as her career begins
photographed by Nikita Brown/Nikita Brown Photography


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