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Out now: Lucire issue 48, with free shipping for UK and US


Previewing Lucire 48

Our 48th number—or our 133rd and 134th print covers when you count all the international editions—marks another milestone in our history, writes Jack Yan
January 28, 2024/3.25

Lucire 48, UK edition
Lucire 48, US edition
Maria Magdalinou
Lucire issue 48, as printed in the UK, and in the US.
Lucire issue 48’s release is very different from past ones.

For a start, we’ve followed our sister title Autocade into setting up printing in the UK and US, to be closer to our readers. We know readers had found it troublesome, not to mention expensive, to have issues shipped at exorbitant prices from New Zealand. New Zealand printing will continue for the home market.

That means a delay in getting Lucire to our digital retailers, Scopalto and Magzter.

Because of the two extra printing locations, I am happy to say that we were able to do two covers. It’s not technically a split run since each version is coming off a different press, but we like to think of it that way.

For the UK, we have Gabriella Wilde on the cover, while the US has Astrid Bayer photographed by Maria Magdalinou. Fashion and beauty ed. Sopheak Seng and I each chose one, and his was the more avant-garde.

This was an issue where we had more draft covers than for any others, and at one point our 2023 Rachel Hunter story could have been the cover, since it had never run in the home issue. (The cover design was originally completed for a licensed edition overseas, and we really liked it.) But eventually we settled on these two to kick off our new printing relationships.

Inside are four exclusive shoots, three fashion week stories, three designer profiles, two travel features and one beauty interview. You can read up about the great contents in more detail on our web shop.

I’m proud of our team as 2023 was not the easiest year for us (or for many in publishing) but we still pulled off a beautiful issue and launched a new title.

The issues can be ordered now over at Libriz, and we’ll update our links and images on this site and our social media soon.

To our digital customers: we apologize but we’ll be nudging the price up while we are making these other changes. It’s our first price rise for the digital editions since the late 2000s, and that amount was based on the 2004 home-market retail price. We kept things at that low mark as we knew postage was pricey, but it reflected the magazine that we were two decades ago. We feel we could now have the price there reflect the effort that goes into each issue more accurately. All feedback on this is welcome. Unlike other publications, we’ve always listened to readers.

Enjoy our latest issue!
Jack Yan is founder and publisher of Lucire.
Lucire 48, rejected cover
Paddy Foss
What could have been: one of the draft covers for issue 48, based on a February 2023 cover we did for a licensee.

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