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Elsewhere on the Lucire site: Gisèle Bündchen to Devi Garh


April 7, 2010/12.15

Supermodel Gisèle Bündchen (left) appears on the cover of our web edition today, for modelling Brazilian brand Colcci. We’ve a few more photographs on the site.
   If you are reading Lucire via RSS feed, you may be interested in Rola Saab’s exclusive story on Lanvin designer Lucas Ossendrijver. Our Q&A appears here.
   Meanwhile, check out Douglas Rimington’s wonderful photographs from the London Fashion Week Designer Exhibition. Doug seems to breathe life even into static images, and we love what he has shot for us.
   Jack Yan interviewed Angela Lassig, whose book New Zealand Fashion Design premièred this week. And we have another great story from travel editor Stanley Moss on Devi Garh.
   For those following Lucire via Google News, one story was inexplicably omitted from the ‘Insider’ section over the weekend: news that Cheryl Cole was voted Britain’s best dressed by the UK edition of Glamour magazine. But given it was Easter, then maybe some things are sacred after all.

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