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GisŤle BŁndchen She’s back Supermodel Gisèle Bundchen appears in her first fashion campaign for a brand in her native Brazil.

Gisèle is back and on-trend

Gisèle Bündchen appears in her first fashion campaign since giving birth, for Colcci’s autumn–winter 2010 line
photographs courtesy Colcci


GISÈLE BÜNDCHEN IS arguably one of the few models of the 21st century who deserve the tag supermodel. Not only has she earned a few extra stripes for getting back to a pre-pregnancy figure lately, but she more than easily qualifies as being among the modelling élite. Any line that she models can get international recognition because of her fame, not because of the brand’s equity.

Colcci is best known in Bündchen’s native Brazil, but thanks to modelling its autumn–winter 2010 line, international media will step up and take notice. It was most likely shot quite some time ago, given the gestation of fashion lines, but the images were released in mid-March.

We like the cardigans, scarves, ruching and embroidered jeans, which are very on-trend. And if you can pull off the miniskirts and shorts, then Colcci’s line has a good selection—reminding us how much warmer Brazil is during the autumn–winter season than many other nations. •


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