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Renault boss Carlos Ghosn on strategic cooperation with Daimler


April 7, 2010/12.57

The boss of the Renault–Nissan alliance, Carlos Ghosn, talks in our two videos about why his company is entering into a strategic cooperation with Daimler AG.
   There are tough times within the car industry, forcing companies to look at ways of saving costs, especially in research and development, and realizing economies of scale.
   One example of the joint technological developments include the future Smart and the next Renault Twingo, which will have a shared platform, says Ghosn.
   Additionally, a Daimler diesel engine will make an appearance in a future Infiniti model.
   The two companies also announced an equity exchange that will give Renault–Nissan a 3·1 per cent stake in Daimler, and Daimler a 3·1 per cent in Renault and a 3·1 per cent stake in Nissan.
   Ghosn says that the two companies’ brands will continue to be individual. He claims that there will be transparency between the groups.
   Renault’s principal rival Peugeot had explored cooperating with troubled Japanese car maker Mitsubishi during 2009 but has since reconsidered.
   The below videos are in French and English.

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