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Videos from BMW’s i sub-brand launch


February 22, 2011/2.51

BMW’s sub-brand will be called i, in lowercase, as many predicted prior to the announcement in München yesterday. Unlike at Hyundai, BMW’s i initial will be used to denote models based around BMW’s LifeDrive architecture, featuring an aluminium chassis housing the powertrain and a passenger cell made with lightweight carbonfibre-reinforced plastic.
   The first models will be the i3 city car, developed from the Mega City car, and the i8, a plug-in hybrid sports car.
   Footage below from the launch features Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President, BMW Group Design, on the sub-brand and its new logo; Ian Robertson, member of the Board of Management, BMW AG, Sales and Marketing, on the sub-brand, mobility services and strategic partnerships; and Dr Klaus Dräger, member of the Board of Management, BMW AG, Development, with his speech.
   Unfortunately, the videos also feature simultaneous translation, with two soundtracks, which may present difficulties for some viewers.

Adrian van Hooydonk on the new sub-brand

Ian Robertson on the new sub-brand

Ian Robertson on strategic partnerships

Dr Klaus Dräger on the new sub-brand

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