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Footage of BMW’s new 6-series coupé released


March 13, 2011/4.47

We’ll be attending the launch of the new BMW 6-series convertible on Tuesday, but, in the meantime, here is the newly launched fixed-head version of the same car.
   Coming soon to Lucire is our 550i evaluation, a car mooted to be the best in the world. If that’s any indication, the 6er, based on the 5er’s platform, should be among the best 2+2 sports cars in the world, too.
   The body and wheelbase are 75 mm longer than the outgoing 6-series—not the best looker, admittedly—while there’s a 39 mm increase in width and a 5 mm reduction in height. In other words: longer, lower, wider.
   Two models are available at launch: the 640i Coupé with a six-cylinder petrol unit developing 235 kW (320 PS); and the 650i Coupé with a petrol V8 developing 300 kW (407 PS).

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