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BMW prepares to launch Megacity car under new sub-brand


February 20, 2011/22.14

Tonight, BMW will launch a new sub-brand to market the ‘Mega City Vehicle’, an urban electric car, in 2013.
   While BMW has fairly successfully pushed its Efficient Dynamics programme alongside its more performance-oriented claims, it is presumed that small and electric cars don’t fit with its slogans ‘Freude am Fahren’ and ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ as well.
   The company has been using the word sub-brand in its communications, which also suggests to us that BMW will remain as the primary brand for the cars.
   In the videos with BMW Brand Communications’ Andreas Hoffman (in German and English), he talks about electric cars such as the Mini E and Active E—which may be his examples of sub-brands.
   In any case, BMW sees a need to distinguish its main line, and its Mini and Rolls-Royce brands, from the new one.
   All will be made clear on Monday, German time, on whether BMW means brand, sub-brand, model line, or brand extension.

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