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Mini E christens power-point for electric cars in Berlin


February 23, 2009/10.43

Another video that came during New York Fashion Week, but which we didn’t want to run as it would have got lost: the Mini E christening an electricity charging-point for cars in Berlin, Germany. For those who feel that plug-in electric cars would be problematic when they run out of juice, BMW and Vattenfall answer that concern with the first power-point in Berlin-Treptow, powered by renewable resources.
   As the UNEP-partnered fashion magazine, this is a very important step for the automotive industry, especially in difficult times when we should seek alternatives to petrol. New Zealand made good headway in the late 1970s to 1996 with a comprehensive natural gas network nationally—something it has moved away from, sadly—while Germany is starting on a path to help the development of clean, exhaust-free electric cars.

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