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fashion: the circuit

Moda Lisboa '07Moda Lisboa '07

Above: Filipe Faisca and Anabela Baldaque.

Online exclusive: Lisboa is one of Europe’s trendiest cities and its designers are no exception, as Tiago Espírito Santo reports from Fashion Week


LISBOA is becoming one of Europe’s trendiest cities. Besides the great weather, beaches and historical surroundings, Lisboa has been great host to innumerous events through the last few years, including the MTV Awards last year and Jennifer Lopez’s début ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ performance.
   Fashion, as we have the opportunity to show first-hand, is also getting big in Portugal's capital city. It’s a fusion of great new designers, conceptual ideas, textures and models. In this online special, we examine some of the designers familiar to Lucire readers, showing earlier this year at Moda Lisboa, Lisboa’s Fashion Week.
   With more that 500 international journalists, 1,000 production workers and more than 40,000 visitors, Fashion Week was the biggest fashion event in Portugal this year. The National History Museum set the stage for linking historical culture to fashion culture.


Filipe Faisca
The surprise of the year. The only thing that would surprise me even more would be sheep on the catwalk instead of models. His Rural collection provides a genius blend between country life and Paris’s simple life. This was “rurban” chic. Romantic silhouettes were dramatically enhanced by dense and compact materials, elastic tweed, woollen sarge and silk shantung.


Anabela Baldaque
Anabela’s Rebirth collection is inspired on Chinese themes like Beijing's dust, the willow trees and even abandoned rice prairies. Full of magnetism, mystery and delicacy, this collection reflects the tales and legends of an empire and its rebirth.
   The silhouettes presented in this collection are composed of short rustled skirts, deep low-neck dresses and tight garments (such as trousers). Oxide greens and greys meet light and textured beiges in silk patterned cloths, printed knitwear and relief jacquards.
   The collection is followed by impressive accessories like wooden heels, large and shining handbags and stained leather in hand accessories.


Maria Gambina
High-waist pants meet pleats and turn-ups, while shirts with trench coat details are complemented by “old-school” pullovers.
   Dresses with puffed sleeve caps take us back to old-style Brazil with a touch of Spanish flavour. Gambina defines her man in a “clean” image: white shirt, straight-legged trousers and diamond-patterned knitwear; patterned shirts distressed by dyeing and washing; and asymmetric detailing.



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Filipe Faisca

Anabela Baldaque

Maria Gambina

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